This section of the Missouri Secretary of State registration guide has been designed to give a general overview of the various functions required by corporate representatives in filing their entity. On this webpage you will find detailed tutorials catered to your exact needs which will give you comprehensive step by step instructions through both the paper filing method as well as that of the Secretary of State online portal. There are many types of corporations available for filing, however, in terms of registration, the processes vary only slightly between each one. The filing fees however are unusual in Missouri as for many corporation types, they are based on the amount of issued stock and the stock’s par value. For a complete list of filing fees, you can review the directory here.

How to File

Step 1- As a rule, we urge filers to perform a Business Entity Search prior to registration to avoid to off chance of a rejected submission due to name unavailability. Also, a Name Reservation can protect the rights to your name for a period of 60 days prior to filing ($25).

Step 2- Once the name has been secured, you will need to create an online account with the Secretary of State online business registration services. A full tutorial for this application process can be found here on our site.

Step 3- Now that your name has been secured and your online account has been created, you can proceed to fill out the Articles of Incorporation/Application for Authority by PDF or online. Linked below are all the varieties of corporation available in Missouri and their respective filing processes.

Domestic Corporation

Foreign Corporation

Step 4- Once all the forms have been completed you will need to pay the appropriate filing fee. For all domestic profit corporations whose stock is less than 30 000 shares or $30 000, you will need to provide $58. Other wise see the fee schedule here to calculate your fee. Non-profit entities across the board should provide $25 while foreign profit corporations will need to pay $155. Online payment can be achieved by credit card or e-check and the payment of the fee will mark the completion of your filing. PDF filers will need to pay by check made out to the Secretary of State.

Step 5- Before mailing, if you are representing a foreign corporation, you will need to supply a certificate of existence at this point. Send all requisite forms and fees to the below address to complete your paper filing.

Corporations Division

PO Box 778 / 600 W. Main St., Rm. 322

Jefferson City, MO 65102


EIN – Linked to the left is a tutorial dedicated exclusively to the application process for an Employer Identification Number, a tool used by the IRS to identify tax paying entities as legitimate and lawful. This number will be required when hiring employees, applying for business loans and opening checking and savings accounts using the corporate name. For more information, we have incorporated both the Online and Form SS-4 application processes here on our website for those in need.

Corporate Bylaws– Although not required by law, a set of corporate bylaws can greatly improve the organization of the internal affairs of your corporation. This document will relay all provisions pertaining to the day to day operations and the over all management of the corporation. Clicking on the heading of this paragraph will present you with further information as to why this document will prove useful to incorporators. It will also supply you with a free template in both MS Word and PDF formats to get you started on the drafting process.

Renewal – Corporations are the only entity required to renew with the Secretary of State through the submission of a annual or biennial report. The document should be, but is not required to be, submitted online through the business registration portal (account registration tutorial found here). By entering your charter ID into the correct field you will be given access to all the steps necessary in correctly updating the Secretary of State of any significant changes regarding the management of your corporation. If you plan on submitting online, your fee will be either $20 for an annual submission or $40 for biennial. Those who plan on printing off and sending the report through the mail will pay either $45 for annual or $90 biennial and must send both items to the below address.

Corporations Division

PO Box 778 / 600 W. Main St., Rm. 322

Jefferson City, MO 65102

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