If you’re having a difficult time navigating through the Secretary of State website in order to purchase your Certificate of Good Standing, this tutorial has been designed specifically for you. Many business owners seek a Certificate of Good Standing to prove to foreign Secretaries of State and the like that their business is legal and legitimate in their state of original incorporation. It isn’t uncommon for financial institutions to demand the same proof upon application for a large business loan. Fortunately the certificate will only cost filers  $10 and the acquisition process is as easy as they come. Follow our steps below as we walk you through the online portal.

How to Purchase

Step 1- In order to successfully acquire your Certificate of Good Standing, you’re going to need to login into your account on this website. If you don’t currently have an account with the Missouri Secretary of State, you can review our registration guide here.


Step 2- Once you’re in, you’ll be presented with your home screen. Amongst the many options, you should be able to spot the Order Good Standing link under the Certificates & Copies heading. Click that link to continue.


Step 3- For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll employ the search by charter number option, however, there are other methods of searching for you business. For more info, review our business entity search tutorial. Enter your charter number into the provided field and click SEARCH.


Step 4- The next page should display just the one result as shown below. Click on the charter number or the business name to gain access to continue.


Step 5- On this page you will find the ORDER COPES/CERTIFICATES link that you will need to select to proceed.


Step 6- Select the number of copies that you would like by clicking on the arrows in the highlighted portion below. Once you’ve reached the correct number, select ADD TO CART.


Step 7- You will be able to review your shopping cart before continuing. Be sure that the number of copies and the price seem appropriate before continuing on to the payment.

mo-certificate-3Step 8- The next page will display a payment method selector. Choose between credit card and e-check. As soon as you’ve made your selection, one of the two below windows will present itself.

For credit card payment, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Card type
  • Credit card number
  • CVV
  • Expiration date
  • Name on card
  • Country of residence
  • Full address
  • Phone number


If you’ve decided to pay by electronic check, the following information will be asked of you:

  • Name as it appears on check
  • Account type
  • Address as it appears on check
  • City
  • State
  • Postal code
  • Check type
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number


Step 9- To submit payment and retrieve your certificate, you must agree to the terms and conditions and click PAYMENT. After this, your order will be processed and you should have access to your Certificate of Good Standing. Good luck!


How to (Video)