In order to perform any online filing in the state of Minnesota one is required to register with the Business and Lien System by creating an account. Accounts are free to create and take only a minute to setup. Please feel free to utilize our account creation guide, available just below, in the creation of your account.

How to Register

Step 1 – To begin, navigate to the account creation page and enter the following data:

  • Email address
  • Desired password
  • Confirmation of password


Once complete read through the terms and conditions and, if you accept, indicate as such and the select Create Online Account. As you can see below, the Secretary of State will send you an email request to authorize the account.


Step 2 – Go to your email and look for the message from the Secretary of State (it should look something like the email displayed below). Select the link within the email to continue.


Step 3 – Once selected you will be redirected to a page asking you to sign in to confirm the account’s authorization. To do so select Sign In and, on a subsequent page, input your login credentials and select Sign In.



Step 4 – If you would like to save your account delivery information for future filings you may do so by inputting your name, address, and phone number into the page which comes up after you first sign in. Save the data to the Minnesota online system by selecting Save once the form is complete. Your account is now fully functional!