This webpage should serve as a general guideline on how to register a foreign or domestic LLC in Maine. In order to begin transacting business as a limited liability company, business representatives will need to submit the appropriate PDF files to the Secretary of State. The mailing of the require paperwork is unavoidable as there doesn’t currently exist an online business registration portal for Maine business entities. The cost of filing as a domestic LLC is $175 while the application for qualification of a foreign company will cost a total of $250. Foreign businesses across the board will have to file for a certificate of good standing in their jurisdiction of initial formation within 90 days of filing with the Maine Secretary of State. This document should be attached to the statement of qualification. Below we’ve given an overview of the various steps you’ll have to execute in order to operate lawfully in this state.

How to File

Step 1- The first step in filing for formation, or applying for authority, is to check to see if the name you plan on operating under isn’t already registered by another business. You can perform a Business Entity Search to be provided with any similar title in the name database. You may also find it useful to file for a Name Reservation in order to reserve your name for a total of 120 days prior to registration.

Step 2- You can now download the registration forms and fill them out on your computer. Clicking on each of the links below will provide you with a more in depth look at the information asked in each PDF.

Step 3- At this point, if you represent a foreign entity, you will need to attach to the completed filing form a certificate of good standing. In the case of both domestic and foreign entities, applicants will need to also fill out the filer contact cover letter.

Step 4- You can now attach the filing fee to documents by making a check out to the Secretary of State covering the $175 or $250. Mail all paperwork and fees to the below address, the office of the Secretary of State, for processing. Await confirmation that your application has been accepted before you begin transacting business.

Department of the Secretary of State

Division of Corporations,UCC and Commissions

101 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0101


EIN – The acquisition of an Employer Identification Number will allow you to begin applying for business loans and hiring employees. For this reason we suggest filing out the application forms immediately after receiving correspondence from the office of the Secretary of State that your business has been approved. The EIN allows for Internal Revenue Services to process you as a legitimate, tax paying business entity in the eyes of the federal government. You can obtain this identifier for free either Online or by using the PDF Application process.

Operating Agreement– The drafting of your company’s operating agreement is another useful step in the organization of your LLC. This document will allow the managing members to successfully depict the manner in which the the internal affairs of the business are to be managed and governed. It will also delineate and state officially the initial capital contribution of each member and their roles and duties as managers/managing members of the LLC. Take the time to review our template found linked in the heading of this paragraph in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formatting.

Renewal– All business entities in the state of Maine are obligated to file an annual report by the 1st of June of each year. This report will update the office of the Secretary of State of any managerial changes or other internal developments which may have occurred over the previous 12 months. Domestic LLC’s need only pay $85 while the filing fee for foreign businesses is $150. This fee can be supplied online along with the report by clicking on the link found in the heading of this paragraph. Any business failing to successfully file will lose their status of “good standing” and will be limited in their operations until the filing has been completed.

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