A Certificate of Legal Existence is often called a certificate of good standing as it serves the purpose of providing proof that the business in question has complied with all the demands of the office of the Secretary of State. In most cases, this simply means that you’ve covered all the filing fees associated with your entity type and that you’re up to date with the filing of your annual reports.  If you’re seeking a certificate of this variety, you will need to go through a similar process that you would if you were performing a corporate name search. Once you’ve found yourself on your company’s information summary page, you will be able to select the appropriate link and pay the $30 filing fee (more information on this process below). A PDF of this document can be printed off to aid in the acquisition of a loan or credit card, or to help in expanding your business to foreign states and countries.

How to Request (Online)

Step 1- Make your way to the corporate name search page by clicking this link. This will present you with two fields; one in which you can enter a keyword associated with your business name, and one in which you can enter your charter number. If you are aware of your charter number, applying it here will allow you to proceed onto step 3 immediately. Otherwise try to specialize your search using keywords specific to your entity.


Step 2- Find your name amongst the search results and click on the Information Summary link found in the far right column.


Step 3- Below all the company information you will see the option for a Certificate of Legal Existence. You will have the choice of a short form and long form certificate. The only difference being that the long form will contain a list of all the amendments made to the corporation/company/partnership. This option is only available for domestic entities.


Step 4- Regardless of the variation you choose, you will need to pay the $30 filing fee before downloading the PDF. You will have the payment options of credit, debit and through your subscriber account. Make your selection, and on the next page enter in your card details if applicable. Following this you should be able to access your Certificate of Legal Existence in PDF format.



How to (Video)