Any individuals looking to create an entity of any type in the state of Maryland must create an online account with Maryland’s Business Express universal user portal. Although this may seem like a minor inconvenience, it will certainly save time not just in the initial registering of the entity but also in maintaining the entity, including its legal status, each passing year. For help in creating an account with Business Express please follow the brief tutorial below which breaks the process down into a simple step-by-step formula.

How to Create

Step 1- To begin, navigate to this webpage and select the register link


Step 2- You will first be asked to enter the legal name of the account holder (in most cases: you) into the provided fields

Step 3- You will now need to select a username and a password, each of which must meet the outlined criteria


Step 4- Finally, enter your email address and then select the blue continue link

md-account-register-5If completed correctly, you should receive an email similar to the one pictured below


Step 5- Once you’ve completed your account there is a chance that you will have lost or misplaced your password. In order to retrieve it navigate back to the login page and select forgot password? You will be redirected to the following page through which, upon entering your username and email and selecting send password reset email, you will receive an email from the Maryland Business Express web managers with the proper instructions and links with which you will be able to reset your password.