Individuals looking to extend their pre-exisitng LLC into Maryland to operate on a wider field will need only complete a short series of forms online via the Maryland Department of Assets and Taxation (DAT)’s Business Express portal. To complete the process you must have an account with Business Express. To find out how to create an account please see our tutorial here. You will have to pay $150 in total fees when all is said and done, though you can pay by credit card and electronic check.

Ensure the name you plan on operating under in Maryland is indeed unique and available by cross-referencing the Maryland Business Entity Search. If it is unique and available you should be all set to embark upon the foreign LLC filing process.

How to File

As mentioned above, filers absolutely must have created an account with Business Express. For more information on account creation please see our tutorial.

Step 1- Enter your Business Express login information into the homepage and select log in to login to your portal.

md-llc-1 (login)

Step 2- From your main user homepage you will select create a new business filing to begin the foreign LLC filing (new filing)Step 3- You will first be asked to select which type of entity you intend to form. Select Non-Maryland Limited Liability Company and then save & continue.

md-llc-3md-f-llc-1Step 4- At this point you must begin the information submission portion of the process. Start it off by submitting the full legal business name for your LLC as it appears on your Certificate of Good Standing. Likewise, submit the name you know to be unique and available that you wish to operate under into the provided field. Once complete, select search names to be automatically redirected to the next segment of the form.

md-f-llc-2Step 5- You must continue entering information at this point, this time in regards to the business address, contact information, and definition or purpose of business. Select continue when finished.

md-f-llc-3 md-f-llc-4 md-f-llc-5Step 6- Indicate the type of entity which will serve as the Resident Agent and then submit their requested identifying information and address. Select save and continue to continue.

md-f-llc-7amd-f-llc-7Step 7- At this point you will be asked to upload your valid, up-to-date Certificate of Good Standing (or equivalent) from your LLC’s state of origin. To do so simply select choose file and select the PDF from your computer. You must also at this point divulge where and when your LLC was originally formed. Select continue once complete.

md-f-llc-8 md-f-llc-9Step 8- After reviewing the information you have entered thus far you must indicate whether or not the LLC has conducted business in Maryland prior to this filing, sign as the authorized party, and have the registered agent sign as well. As indicated at the top of the page, all e-signatures are legally binding. Select certify and proceed to complete the filing and move on to the payment.

md-f-llc-11 md-f-llc-12 md-f-llc-13Step 9- You must now pay the filing fee(s) in order to complete your foreign LLC filing. To do so select proceed to payment below.

md-f-llc-14Step 10- Take a minute to review the invoice and, if you agree to the terms, select make payment to redirect to the payment form.

md-f-llc-15Step 11- Submit all required information as regards your credit card or electronic check, as well as your personal information, before submitting the payment and awaiting the DAT’s judgement as to your foreign LLC filing.



Renewal– In many states LLCs are required to renew each year with a specific and unique form. In Maryland, the renewal process, necessary for remaining in Good Standing, is built into the overall state tax process that will be necessary to complete each year. Furthermore, LLCs are automatically registered in this program, so there is nothing beyond simply filing your state taxes that you will need to do to remain in Good Standing in the eyes of the DAT. Read more about this feature of Maryland’s government here and here.