The process by which one extends an already-incorporated entity into Maryland doest not consist of much beyond filling out a few brief online forms and uploading a valid Certificate of Good Standing from the initial state of incorporation. You will need to determine which name you will operate under (Maryland requires a suffix for all corporations) and likewise you will need to register an account with the Maryland entity portal Business Express. For a tutorial on this process please feel free to view our official guide here. The fees due for filing and servicing at the hands of the Maryland government sum to $150 in total and can be paid, via Business Express, by either credit card or electronic check.

There is no formal entity name availability search provided by the Department of Assets and Taxation (DAT) and there is no formal name reservation process, however you can utilize the Business Entity Search in order to cross-reference your desired entity name with those already registered in the state. For the purposes of this tutorial we will be assuming that you A) have an account with Business Express and B) have a name that is both legally unique and currently available.

How to File

Step 1- To begin, navigate to the Business Express login page and enter your credentials in the provided fields. Once complete, select log in to be redirected to the homepage where you can begin the incorporation process in earnest.

md-llc-1 (login)Step 2- On the left of the page, under the subheading Account Home, you will see a link entitled create a new business filing. Select this link to continue.

md-llc-2 (new filing)Step 3- The first step you must complete is to select your desired business type. For the purposes of this guide please select Non-Maryland Corporation and then save & continue to continue.

md-llc-3md-corporation-nonmd-1Step 4- At this point you must submit the name under which your corporation operates exactly as it appears on the Certificate of Good Standing you are soon to upload. Once entered select search names to be redirected. Since your name is unique and available (right?) you will be redirected to the next phase of data entry in the process.

md-corporation-nonmd-2Step 5- You must now surrender some basic information identifying your corporation including the principle address and some basic contact information (phone # and email). Select continue when finished.

md-corporation-nonmd-3md-corporation-nonmd-4Step 6- You have the option at this point to divulge the location of your corporation in Maryland, if applicable. Select continue once completed.

md-corporation-nonmd-5Step 7- At this juncture the state of Maryland requires you to indicate who, or what, will be serving as your registered agent. Select the agent type, input all identifying information, and select save & continue.

md-corporation-nonmd-7md-corporation-nonmd-6Step 8- Please indicate your corporation’s place of formation and then upload the up-to-date Certificate of Good Standing (in PDF format) to complete this portion of the process. Select continue once completed.

md-corporation-nonmd-8md-corporation-nonmd-9Step 9- Review the information you have input thus far via the provided summary and, if you are content with the information you have given, select proceed to certification to continue.

md-corporation-nonmd-10Step 10- It is in this step where you will, by Maryland state law, certify that the information you have entered is correct and that each mentioned party assents to this incorporation. Think of this as a binding electronic signature. To complete the certification process simply check the boxes indicating whether or not your corporation has conducted business yet in Maryland, that the president or vice-president has duly executed the document, and that the registered agent has duly executed the document. Once complete select certify and proceed to move forward to the payment.

md-corporation-nonmd-11md-corporation-nonmd-12md-corporation-nonmd-13md-corporation-nonmd-14Step 11- As this next page indicates, your application is complete and awaiting payment. Select proceed to payment to, well, proceed to the payment

md-corporation-nonmd-15Step 12- Before you can pay Maryland will present you with the official invoice to ensure that the fees are correct and agreeable to you. To move forward to the actual payment process select make payment.

md-corporation-nonmd-16Step 13- Finally, input your payment information into the form provided by the DAT and await the judgement on your new incorporation.



Renewal – Maryland is unique in that unlike most states, which require entities to file annual reports to remain in good standing, it folds the renewal process into the larger process of filing state taxes each year. To learn more about how this process works please follow the link to the left. For a more in-depth explanation folded into an official new-entity checklist, click here.