Individuals looking to acquire a Certificate of Status for a given entity need only follow a few basic steps to do so, as Maryland, and more specifically the Department of Assets and Taxation (DAT), has streamlined the process with an easy-to-use web portal. A copy of a Certificate of Status costs $40 regardless of whether you choose to receive it electronically or through the mail. For more information on acquiring a Certificate of Status for an entity in the state of Maryland please feel free to consult our step-by-step guide, located just below.

How to Request

Step 1- Before you can perform a search within the DAT’s website, you must ensure that you have the correct department ID for the entity who’s certificate you would like to acquire. A sure-fire way to find the department ID is to use the business search function built into the DAT’s site. You should be able to find the required information from this site even if you are starting with only the name of the entity. Once you know the department ID of the entity in question you must navigate to the DAT’s Certificate of Status search tool (pictured below). To perform a search simply enter the department ID into the provided field (typically in the form of a letter followed by 8 digits) and select continue.



Step 2- You will be redirected to a page containing some basic information about the entity, including its status, as well as information on the two delivery methods by which you can acquire your certificate: electronic or mail.


As you can see both methods will cost $40 to complete, with additional copies via mail costing $1 each. Once you’ve decided on which method you prefer please indicate as such in the form and select next. If the entity in question is inactive or is otherwise not in good standing you may still acquire the certificate, though the site will make a point to warn you of this small discrepancy before you will be allowed to continue.

Step 3- The DAT site will render an invoice based on your previously indicated preferred method of delivery. As mentioned earlier, individuals planning on acquiring a certificate via mail may order additional copies for $1 each. Assuming the terms are agreeable to you simply select purchase to head to check out.


Step 4- Before you will be able to enter your credit card information and complete the purchase you must enter your mailing information (if you indicated you would be receiving the certificate(s) by mail), billing information (if different than the mailing information), phone number, and email address. Once completed, select purchase to continue to the credit card form.

md-certificate-6 md-certificate-7

Step 5- To complete the purchase you must now enter all of the required information for the credit card you with to make the purchase with. Once complete, select submit payment and either await your certificate (if ordered by mail) or download the PDF (if ordered electronically).


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