If you’re looking to extend your LLC, professional or standard, into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts then look no further. Below you will find everything you need to complete your filing either by fax ($520) or through the mail/in person ($520), including all requisite forms and links.

Before continuing we highly suggest you decide upon an operating name for your LLC for use in the Commonwealth. You cannot officially inquire as to the availability of a given name, but you may cross reference your name with the business entity database to determine its eligibility. If you are fairly certain that your desired name is available you may want to perform a name reservation ($30) to ensure the availability of the name for the next 60 days.

How to File (Mail | In Person | Fax)

Step 1 – You will have to start the filing, now that your name is nailed down, by downloading either the standard foreign LLC Application for Registration PDF or the professional foreign LLC Application for Registration depending on your LLC type. Once downloaded you must input the following data on the first page either by hand or with your computer (only one difference exists between these two documents: namely, that the professional LLC application includes one question regarding the professional service that is to be offered by the LLC in the Commonwealth, thus only the standard foreign form has been displayed below):

  • Federal ID Number
  • Exact name of the LLC
  • Operating name in Commonwealth, if different
  • Jurisdiction of initial organization
  • Date of organization
  • General character of business
  • Principle business address
  • Commonwealth address, if any
  • Name/address of manager(s)
  • Professional service to be rendered (if a professional LLC)

ma-fllc-form-1Step 2 – Continue the filing on page two by entering the following data:

  • Name and address of authorized recordable instrument handler(s), if any
  • Name/address of resident agent
  • Latest date of dissolution
  • Additional matters, if any
  • Signature
  • Resident agent consent


Step 3 – Finish the form by submitting the filer’s contact information into the provided fields. Once complete, print the form.

ma-fllc-form-3Step 4a – (Mail | In Person) – Should you choose to file by mail or in person you must ensure that this form, now complete and printed, is delivered to the following address with a check for $500 made out to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts attached:

Corporations Division
1 Ashburton Place, Room 1717
Boston, MA 02108-1512

Step 4b-1 – (Fax) – Filing via fax is slightly more complicated. You must, in essence, create a fax voucher coversheet– a form which both introduces your filing and proves that you’ve indeed payed the requisite fees in advance. The website of the Commonwealth has a system in place to help you generate this form. To begin, navigate to this page and input your contact information. Next, select the appropriate category and filing type for your LLC from the drop-down menu (foreign limited liability company and application for registration respectively).

ma-lp-fax-1ma-llc-fax-2Step 4b-2 – We have opted to show only the credit card payment process in this tutorial but, as you can see, there are three methods by which you can pay: credit card, electronic check, or via your account (this requires having filed before with the system).


Step 4b-3 – Submit your credit card number, select submit, and await authorization. If successful, the site will generate your fax voucher coversheet which you must then print.

ma-llc-online-9Step 4b-4 – Arrange your fax package such that your fax voucher coversheet rests on top of your now-complete form and send both to the following fax address:



Renewal – To renew your LLC each year you have a couple options at your disposal. For one, you can renew online by following the link to the left. If you would prefer to renew by fax, through the mail, or in person, you can download the form below which corresponds to your specific LLC type.

For instructions on fax filing please click here. All fax filers will need to pay their fees and generate their fax voucher coversheet, steps which can be completed on this page. Mail/in person filers will need to see their document delivered safely to the following address along with a check made out to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

Corporations Division
1 Ashburton Place, Room 1717
Boston, MA 02108-1512