Extending a foreign corporation into Massachusetts requires nothing more than downloading a form, filling it out, and submitting it either by fax or through the mail / in person. Regardless of whether your foreign corporation is standard or professional the same form is required, and the same fee ($400$390 by fax) will be levied. Below you will find an in-depth tutorial spelling out the necessary steps you must take to extend your foreign corporation into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We would like to stress that no filing will be possible if the intended operating name of your corporation is not available. To ensure that it is available please cross-check the business entity database against similar operating names. If it is still available you may want to perform a name reservation ($30) to make sure it stays that way for a period of 60 days. Throughout the remainder of the tutorial we will be assuming that you have, at the very least, ensured that your desired operating name is in fact available.

How to File

Step 1 – Whether your corporation is standard or professional (offers a professional service) you will have to file the foreign corporation Certificate of Registration. Once you’ve downloaded the form you will need to input the following data digitally, that is, from your computer:

  • Exact name of the corporation
  • Operating name of the corporation in Massachusetts
  • Jurisdiction of corporation
  • Date of incorporation
  • Duration (if not perpetual)
  • Principle address
  • Registered agent name/address/e-signature


Step 2 – Page two requires the following data to be entered:

  • Fiscal year end
  • General business description
  • Names/addresses of current officers and directors
  • (ATTACH) Certificate of good standing
  • Date of effectiveness of aforementioned certificate
  • Signature(s)
  • Date of signature(s)



Step 3 – Finally, have the filer input his/her contact information. Once finished, double check that the data is correct and print the form.

ma-f:fpcorp-form-4Step 4a – (Mail | In Person) – Individuals wishing to file by mail / in person must attach a check for $400 made out to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and send or deliver their form to the following address:

Corporations Division
1 Ashburton Place, Room 1717
Boston, MA 02108-1512

Step 4b-1 – (Fax) – If you would like to file by fax for the expedited service you must go through a few extra steps. First, you have to generate a fax voucher coversheet and in the process pay the associated fees ($390). To do so, navigate to this page and input your contact information. Next, select the appropriate category and filing type for your corporation from the drop-down menu (foreign corporation certificate).


ma-corp-fax-4Step 4b-2 – Next indicate your preferred payment method. We have only shown the credit method below.


Step 4b-3 – Submit your credit card number, select submit, and await authorization. If successful, the site will generate your fax voucher coversheet which you must then print.


Step 4b-4 – Arrange your fax package such that your fax voucher coversheet rests on top of your now-complete form and send both to the following fax address:



Renewal – You must file an annual report with the Commonwealth each year on the date of your initial incorporation to remain in good standing. You may file online by following the link to the left (note: you will need to have your LLC’s customer ID number and PIN on hand to complete the filing) or by fax or mail/in person using the following forms:

Fax filers will find everything they need to file here. Generally, you will need to generate a fax voucher coversheet which will introduce your fax package to the Secretary of the Commonwealth as well as prove to the office that you have indeed payed your fees. To generate the voucher please proceed to this page. Individuals looking to file through the mail or in person need only attach a check for the proper amount (made out to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) to their report and deliver it to the following address:

Corporations Division
1 Ashburton Place, Room 1717
Boston, MA 02108-1512