They carry various names across these United States, but regardless of what you call them, the Certificates of StatusCertificates of Standing, or, in the case of Massachusetts, Certificates of Good Standing, all indicate the official standing of a given entity in the eyes of the state government in question. These documents are necessary for applying for loans, for incorporating across state lines, and for a plethora of other normal business activities. In the state of Massachusetts obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing ($15) is a simple as 1-2-3 due to the streamlined online procedure advocated by the state. For more information on acquiring a Certificate of Good Standing in the state of Massachusetts please consult our step-by-step tutorial, available below.

How to Request

Step 1- The first step in acquiring a Certificate of Good Standing is to navigate to the entity search page and, once there, to perform a search by either entity name, individual name, ID number, or filing number. Once the search criteria has been entered select Search Corporations to continue.


Step 2- You will be presented with a list of results from which you will need to choose the entity in question. For the purposes of this tutorial we have chosen Burger King as it is guaranteed to be in current good standing. Select the name of the entity to the left of the page to continue.


Step 3- You will now have been redirected to the entity’s summary page. Select Request Certificate to the top right of the page to continue.


Step 4- It is at this point that you will be officially filling out a certificate request. You must indicate in the drop-down menu which certificate you desire. Select Good Standing and then Add.

ma-certificate-4 ma-certificate-5

To the right of the entry, once successfully added, you will be able to select E-mail Delivery (if available for your entity) to receive the Certificate via email as opposed to through the regular mail.


Step 5- You must enter some information regarding yourself in order to complete the request. Submit your name, address, email address, and special filing instructions, if any, before selecting Review Request.


Step 6- You will now be presented with a summary of your request. If everything looks good to you, select Submit Request to move onto the payment process.


Step 7- Select your desired payment method to continue (we chose Credit Card for the purposes of the tutorial, but you may also pay by electronic check or through your account).


Step 8- To complete the payment submit your credit card number to this third party payment processor and select Submit. The Certificate will be sent out, via mail or email (as indicated), as soon as the payment is processed.


How to (Video)