Welcome to Start a Business’s guide to name reservation in Louisiana. This filing can be submitted by the organizers of limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships to the Secretary of State to ensure that no other business entity will be able to register using the given company’s name for the period of the reservation. The period will vary depending on the entity type; business corporation and partnership names will be reserved for 120 days while non-profit corporations, LLC and L3C names will last 60. Two 30 day extensions can be granted with good cause at no additional charge. Otherwise, the reservation of a business name will cost a total of $25 plus the $5 state fee administered to all online corporate filings with the Secretary of State. Below we’ve detailed the online filing process as well as a guide to the PDF application.

Note- This name reservation filing will be the first step in your business’s online registration process as it will certify that your chosen name is unique. From there you will be able to obtain an EIN from the IRS website knowing that the name of your entity is distinguishable from all other’s in Louisiana. For more information on business registration, visit our other tutorials.

How to Reserve (Online)

Step 1- For a filing of this type, you will need to first log into your online account with geauxBIZ. If you don’t currently have an account, you can review our tutorial here on how to acquire one. It only takes a few minutes are requires very little initial information. Once you’ve logged on, you may continue to step 2.

Step 2- Navigate to your account dashboard and click the Getting Started link.


Step 3- You will be presented with a list of the variety of online business filings you can make. Here, select the Reserve a new business name option and click Next to continue.

LA-reservation-name-1Step 4- To reserve your business name, select the blue link below the paragraph. If you already have an EIN and you’re currently ready to do business in Louisiana, there will be no need for you to conduct this filing and you should select Previous to officially file your business with the Secretary of State.


Step 5- Next, select your business type. Below this selection you can identify as Domestic or Foreign.

LA-reservation-name-3Step 6- You can now provide the following information into the application forms:

  • The name to be reserved
  • The individual/business which the name is to be reserved on behalf of
  • Contact person’s:
    • Full name
    • Email Address
    • Full address
    • Phone Number
    • Fax Number (opt.)

Below this information you will need to give the authorized representative’s signature and their title before clicking Next.



Step 7- You will now be able to review all the information you’ve just submitted. You can edit each section individually if necessary. Providing that all the data is accurate and complete, continue on to the payment of the filing fees. 


Step 8- You will be presented with the charges and the opportunity to provide the credit card information necessary for paying them. Checkout & File will charge your account and complete the filing.


Step 9- Back at your dashboard, you will be notified when your reservation has been approved. Wait for this notification before using the name to file for an FEIN online.

How to Reserve (PDF)

Step 1- You will need to first download the name reservation PDF form here.

Step 2- With this document downloaded, you will be able to enter the necessary information using your PDF viewer which will involve filling out the transmittal form found on the first page. The information required will be the manner in which you’d like to pay, the name of the business, the name of person filing the document as well as their full address.


The secondary page will only require that you provide the name to be reserved as well as the individual for whom the name is being reserved. Below that supply your name, full address, phone number, signature and the day’s date.


Step 3-  Attach to the two forms a check made payable to the Secretary of State covering the $25 filing fee. There is also an option to pay by credit card by supplying the card number and expiry date to the transmittal form. If for any reason you’d like to expedite the filing process, you will be charged an additional $30.

Step 4- Send all items to the below address for processing to finish your filing.

Commercial Division

P. O. Box 94125

Baton Rouge, LA 70804

How to (Video)