This tutorial is designed to help those individuals looking to expand their LLC into the state of Louisiana. There may be a number of tax accounts which you will need to register for and, if you plan to operate with the use of employees in this state, you will need to fill out an unemployment tax account application. All of this can be accomplished using the Secretary of State’s streamlined geauxBIZ portal. Those opting to use a paper filing method (done through printing off the required PDF documents) will be required to file with the Department of Revenue and Louisiana Workforce Commission separately. Once you have finished the filing forms, online or otherwise, you will be required to pay a fee of $150. The method of payment may vary depending on the manner of registration.

It is required that all LLCs operate using a name which is completely exclusive to their company. Any filings made without the use of a unique name will be rejected upon submission. The Secretary of State of Louisiana has suggested that entities first make a Name Reservation to ensure originality within the name. You may also conduct a Business Entity Search, however it will not guarantee that your name is available. If you choose to make a name reservation, your initial filing fee will be deducted from the fees associated with the application for authority at the end of the online filing process.

Note-Foreign limited liability companies will be required to provide, along with the application, a certificate of good standing issued in their jurisdiction of initial formation. This document will prove that they are up to date with all business filings and fees administered by the Secretary of State or similar authority of their country/state of original formation. You will be able to attach this document to your online application by uploading the PDF. Paper filers will need to attach a physical copy to their Application of Authority.

How to File (Online)

Step 1- You can begin by signing into your online account with geauxBIZ. To learn how to register for such an account, you can review our tutorial here.


Step 2- Once on your dashboard, you will be required to make a name reservation to secure your business name before continuing. When finished, wait for it to be approved before beginning the registration process. If you do not wish to file immediately, you will be granted 60 days in which to finish this filing.

Step 3- Navigate back to your dashboard. Under the My Businesses tab you can find your name reservation. You will also see a button with the image of an eye on it. Click on this icon to view your filings details.


Step 4- It is on this page that you will be able to turn your name reservation into a business registration. Select the Activities & Actions option on the bottom right hand side of the page to do so. On the following page it will give you a synopsis of the name reservation and remind you that you will need to employ your FEIN in the following pages.



Step 5- Begin by supplying the name of your LLC, the FEIN, the previous company name (if applicable), the initial date of organization and the period of duration. If you plan on conducting business in Louisiana indefinitely, you can leave this final field blank.


Step 6- Supply the principle office address in your initial state/country. Following this, supply your principle business office address.

la-fllc-4 la-fllc-5

Step 7- Next, supply the same information but for the establishment in Louisiana. Below this you can supply its mailing address. Use the copy/paste function if you they are one in the same.

la-fllc-6 la-fllc-7

Step 8- The registered office address in Louisiana can be contributed next followed by the registered agent’s information. Below this, enter in the name and address of each member/manager.

la-fllc-8 la-fllc-9 la-fllc-10Step 9- At this juncture you will be required to supply the nature of business that will be transacted in Louisiana followed by your electronic signature (typed name) and the title you hold in the company. Click Next to continue.


Step 10- It is at this point that you will be required to attach the certificate of good standing or like document.


Step 11- Review the summary of what you’ve submitted and continue on to the Department of Revenue application.


Step 12- The process of describing your business activity will begin with you selecting the Lookup function. That will enable you to specify the business sector, subsector and so forth thus identifying your NAICS Code. It is essential that you detail all of the various activities which contribute to your company until the contribution percentage reaches 100. At this point you will be able to continue to the remainder of the form.


Step 13- If you think your company applies to the qualifications highlighted in the sales tax section, select Yes and enter the required information into the following window. If this doesn’t apply to you, skip this section by clicking No. 



Step 14- If you have resident or not resident employees performing services, you are required to register for a withholding tax account. You will then be required to fill in the application detailing the date you began paying employees as well as the total tax withheld from those employees. The following pages will extend this line of questioning.



Step 15- There is a strong chance that you are not required to pay this tax. However, if you believe that you should register for a corporate income and franchise tax account, indicate that you would like to and then enter the necessary info on the following pages. Of course, clicking No will allow you to skip this step.



Step 16- If there are other taxes you feel you qualify for and ought to pay, select them here and specify what those taxes are in the following pages.


Step 17- Review the information you’ve distributed and if it all seems to be fine, continue onto the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s application.


Step 18- If you have employees in Louisiana, you will need to indicate that this is the case at this juncture. Selecting yes will require you to complete the Louisiana Unemployment Tax Account Application. If you won’t use employees and you aren’t subject to Federal Unemployment Tax Act in another state, you can continue to the final summary page.


Step 19- Here you will be able to review everything entered in the form, from the beginning of the application until the end. Make sure to double check all submitted information before continuing on to the payment of the filing fee.


Step 20- The payment page will look something like the one displayed below although your filing fee will be $150 as opposed to $100. Select your card type, enter your credit card number, the expiration date and the security code. Once this has been completed, click Checkout & File to finish the process. You will be notified on your dashboard that the filing has been submitted and, eventually, when it gets approved.


How to Apply (PDF)

Step 1- Download the Application for Authority to begin the filing process.

Step 2- You’ll notice that the first page is just the transmittal form. On it you will be required to enter the method of payment, the business name, the name of filer as well as their full address.


Step 3- On the application you will need to provide the following information:

  • State
  • Parish/county
  • 1-LLC name
  • 2-Previous LLC name (if applicable)
  • 3-Date of organization and period of duration
  • 4-Principle office in initial state of organization
  • 5-Principle business address
  • 6-Full address of principle business establishment in Louisiana
  • 7-Registered office address in Louisiana
  • 8- Registered agent’s name and address
  • 9- Nature of business to be transacted in Louisiana
  • Member/manager signature and the date of filing
  • Date and Signature provided by notary
  • Registered agent’s signature
  • Signature of notary


Step 4- Attach with the application your certificate of good standing and the filing fee of $150. This fee can be paid by credit card using the transmittal fee or by check made payable to the Secretary of State.

Step 5- Mail all items to the below address and await confirmation from the Secretary of State office.

Commercial Division

P. O. Box 94125

Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125


Renewal– It is required that all businesses file an annual report within the 30 days of their renewal date (issued 1 year after your official effective date in Louisiana). Filers can do so by supplying their charter number and renewal ID into the Secretary of State website then editing any applicable information found on the subsequent page. The payment of a filing fee will be necessary following this process. The Secretary of State maintains the right to revoke foreign businesses which fail to file after just the first year.