This tutorial will go over the step by step process of purchasing a Certificate of Good Standing in Louisiana. This document can be acquired by any business that is currently up to date with all annual reports and fees. Once obtained, it can be used to prove the legitimacy of the entity in question when expanding to other jurisdictions or when seeking financing. All that will be required of you is to conduct a business name search to find your company in the entity database and add the document to your shopping cart before paying the $25 filing fee. We’ve relayed the whole process below for those who’ve found the acquisition process difficult.

How to Request (Online)

Step 1-  Begin by navigating to commercial search webpage. There you can enter the name of your business into the top search bar. If you are aware of your name reservation number, charter number or trade registration number, you can enter it into the second field and skip Step 2 of this tutorial.

la-name-search-1Step 2- Find your name in the list generated by your search. To continue, click on Details.


Step 3- Once here, you will notice that at the top of your page there will be a Buy Certificates and Certified Copies link. Click on that link to continue.


Step 4- On this page, select the Certificate of Good Standing option before continuing.


Step 5- You will be presented with your shopping cart which will hopefully look like what’s displayed below. They’ll tack on an additional $5 service charge bringing your order to $25 total. Click Checkout to checkout.


Step 6- Provide next your credit card information and click Purchase. You will then be able to download and print off the PDF of your Certificate of Good Standing. Good luck!


How to (Video)