Any individual looking to being transacting business in Louisiana as a partnership, corporation or limited liability company will find all the information necessary to get registered with the Secretary of State here on our website. In each of our tutorials, we’ve incorporated the geauxBIZ online portal filing system as well as the steps required in filing a paper application. Foreign and domestic entities alike should seriously consider the acquisition of a free geauxBIZ account as it will not only allow you to file with the Secretary of State, but it has allowed for business representatives to register for all obligatory accounts with the Louisiana Workforce Commission and the Department of Revenue. Below you will find a summary of all the filings and functions our tutorials have covered. Take your time perusing the various guides to gain a full understanding of what to expect when registering in Louisiana.

Start an Entity

Search for a Name

The Business Entity Search function in Louisiana is not as imperative or useful as a similar process when employed in another State. Although this task will allow for business owners and managers to inquire about the details of a particular business, it is a Name Reservation that will be used extensively in your filing process. Conducting a name search on the Secretary of State website will not be able to assure representatives that the name they are inquiring about is available for registration. This function should be used exclusively for acquiring the comprehensive filing history and business data of a particular entity.

Louisiana Online Registration

GeauxBIZ, the Louisiana one stop portal for all your business filings, requires that all online applicants first register for an account before filing for formation or authority to transact business. This process is detailed here on our website for those having trouble navigating through the various steps they’ve demanded of business representatives. Once signed in, you will be able to manage all of your businesses and filings on one comprehensive and efficient platform including renewing with an annual report, reserving a business name, changing that reservation into a business registration and more.

How to Register in Louisiana

Step 1 – The first step in registering your business is ensuring that the name you’ve chosen to operate under is completely unique to your entity within the state of Louisiana. Online filers will be required to perform a name reservation to acquire an Employer Identification Number before registering with the Secretary of State. In doing so they will maintain the rights of their business for a period of 60 or 120 days (period varies among entity types) and they will prove their name’s originality. Paper filers are permitted to file without the use of a name reservation although they will risk rejection upon submission.

Step 2 – Now that you’ve established your name and you are prepared with your employment insurance number (necessary for online filers) you may proceed by submitting the registration forms. This will involve logging into your geauxBIZ account and turning your name reservation into a business registration. Those choosing the paper filing route will at this point need to download the paperwork in PDF form and complete it on their computer. Below we’ve detailed every entity type available for registration in Lousiana, click on the tutorial which applies to you to be instructed in further detail.

Step 3 – At this juncture you should have completed all of the paperwork and answered all questions supplied by the Department of Revenue and Louisiana Workforce Commission (if you filed online). Now all that is required is to pay the filing fee. This can be executed through the use of your credit card information (available for both online and paper filers) or by a check made payable to the Louisiana Secretary of State (PDF filers only).

(Filing Fees)

  • Domestic Corporation-$75
  • Foreign Corporation-$125
  • Domestic LLCs-$100
  • Foreign LLCs-$150
  • Domestic GP/LPs-$100
  • Foreign GP/LPs-$150
  • LLPs- $125

Step 4- The payment of the filing fee will conclude the registration process for geauxBIZ filers. Those who have filed by printing off the PDF will need to send the original registration forms along with a certificate of good standing (if they’re a foreign entity) and the filing fee to the below address.

Commercial Division

P. O. Box 94125

Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Name Reservation

The Name Reservation function on the geauxBIZ website is an essential aspect of the online procedure. For all filers, conducting a name reservation will allow you to reserve the name for a period of 60-120 days depending on your entity type. It will also establish that your name is complete unique. Furthermore, it will allow geauxBIZ filers to acquire an Employer Identification Number which will in turn allow them to complete the registration process. Name reservations cost a total of $25 but that price may be deducted from the total cost at the end of your filing if you choose to register for an online account.

Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing is a document that proves to businesses, financial institutions and foreign Secretaries of State that the entity in question operates in accordance with Louisiana State Law, and that it is up to date with all business filings and fees. This proof of legitimacy is often asked when domestic businesses are attempting to expand their business to jurisdictions other than that of original formation. You will not need a geauxBIZ account to acquire a Certificate of Good Standing in Louisiana. Instead you can navigate to the Secretary of State website, perform a business entity search and pay the filing fee of $25.


Incorporating a set of bylaws into your corporation, partnership or limited liability company will not only allow you to better organize the financial and managerial aspects of your company, it will also show other businesses and financial institutions that you are running a legitimate operation. Each one of these agreements serves a similar purpose; to establish the relationship between members, and between members and the company itself. It should list the capitalization of each initial managing member, the allocation of income, the sequence of events that would occur upon dissolution and any other provision not already listed in the initial formation documents.

Employer Identification Number

The Employer Identification Number is a tool used by the IRS to identify entities paying employee taxes. This number is a crucial component of the online filing process in Louisiana as it will be required in the very first steps of the application forms provided by the Secretary of State. New businesses will need to acquire an EIN if they plan on hiring employees as well as if they intend on applying for loans, registering for corporate credit cards, opening checking accounts or otherwise committing to any level of financial transaction. You may wish to visit our tutorials on the online and PDF application to familiarize yourself with the process.

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