An account with the Kentucky Business One Stop Portal can be created with ease and for free. This portal is an online filing service provided by the Secretary of State office to streamline the business registration process. Below we’ve detailed the account registration process for anyone who finds the procedure confusing.

How to Create

Step 1- First, navigate to this webpage and select the Click here to create a user account link.


Step 2- You will now be able to assign yourself a username as well as give your email, create a password and supply your name.


Step 3- You’ll see a notice like the one displayed below. It will let you know that there should be a confirmation email waiting in your inbox.


Step 4- Your inbox should have an email similar to the one below displaying your username and giving a link to the login page. There you will see the same window as in the first step and you will be able to enter you credentials into the login field to access the online portal.


Step 5- Once logged in, you will be able to access all the features available on the homepage (displayed below).