This webpage will provide you with all the instructions necessary to get your LLC registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State. Managing members of foreign limited liability companies can expand their business into this new state by submitting a Certificate of Authority either online or through the mail to the state authorities. This document will need to be accompanied by a the filing fee of $90, payable by check or credit card depending on the filing method. Before registering, we suggest that all organizers of foreign LLCs take the time to review the Kentucky state statutes surrounding this entity type found here in the Chapter 275, Article 380.

In Kentucky, all businesses must operate under a name which is unique to their company. In order to ensure that a similar name to your own hasn’t been already registered in State, we recommend that filers perform a Business Entity Search of the Kentucky online database. To prevent other entities from using your chosen name, you may perform a Name Reservation. This filing will provide you with a grace period of 120 days in which to prepare for registration.

How to File (Online)

Online registration requires that filers have an account with the Kentucky Business One Stop Portal. The creation of this account is fairly simple and should take less than a few minutes. If you are experiencing trouble while attempting to sign up, we’ve provided a brief guide on the process here.

Step 1-  Navigate to this webpage to begin the sign-in process. Enter your Username and Password into the appropriate fields and click Sign in to be presented with your homepage.


Step 2- Among the many options available, click on the Registration Services to navigate to the registration forms. On the subsequent page, click Business Registrations.



Step 3- Click the second option of the four indicating that you are filing as a foreign entity. In the drop down menu select the appropriate LLC type.


Step 4- Once you’ve read the disclaimer, you will be brought to the page resembling the one shown below. This will give you to opportunity to provide the registration contact information.


Step 5- At this juncture, you will be able to verify the validity of your business name by entering it into the search bar and choosing the appropriate suffix in the drop down menu to the right of it. If it is accepted, select the bubble that indicates that you plan on using it and click Next.



Step 6- The registered agent selection will require that you specify the type (business or individual) and the name, address and contact info of that representative.


Step 7- The principle address of your initial office can be added here.


Step 8- Indicate whether you are managed by members or managers then supply the date of original organization and the period of duration. Leave the last field blank if the business is to be perpetual.


Step 9- The red writing will indicate what type of representatives are necessary to incorporate into this form before continuing. Provide their information in the drop down menus and fields below. Once you’ve satisfied all the requirements, you will be able to click Next.


Step 10- If you plan on conducting business on a later date than that of filing, you will be required to specify the day and time. Otherwise skip this section by clicking Next.


Step 11- You can elect to add a new business administrator or choose yourself by clicking Make me the One Stop Business Administrator.


Step 12- Provide the signature of the individual signing on behalf of representative as well as the date of signing. Do the same for the registered agent before clicking Next to review all the information you’ve submitted into the form.


Step 13- If the verification page looks complete and accurate, click Next.


Step 14- You can choose between paying by credit card or by a prepaid account with the website. Select the payment type and review the payment summary before clicking Next and finishing the filing.


How to File (PDF)

Step 1-  To file using the PDF form, you will need to first download the Certificate of Authority.

Step 2- The Foreign Certificate of Authority will ask that you supply the following:

  • 1-Identify which entity type you’d like to form
  • 2-The name of the entity
  • 3-The name of the entity to be used in Kentucky (if applicable)
  • 4-State or country of original organization
  • 5-Date of organization
  • 6-Mailing address of principle office
  • 7-Street address of registered office in Kentucky and registered agent
  • 8-Name and addresses of organizers
  • 12-Check box if LLC is to be managed by managers
  • 13-Effective date (if different than time of filing)
  • Signature of authorized representative, their title and the date of filing
  • Signature of registered agent, printed name, title, date of filing


Step 3- Attach with this completed form, a check made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer for $90. Mail both items to the below address and await correspondence from the Secretary of State.

Office of the Secretary of State, Records Branch

P.O. Box 718, 700 Capital Ave., Ste. 156

Frankfort, KY 40601


Renewal– All businesses in Kentucky are required to file their annual report between the 1st of January and 30th of June of each year. This document will allow for the Secretary of State to remain fully updated on all managerial changes and business advancements that took place over the previous 12 months. Annual reports can be submitted online in a just a few minutes and will involve performing a business entity search to gain access to the detailed business information page of your entity. There you will be able to find the function to file online.