This webpage should be able to answer any questions business representatives may have in regards to foreign corporation registration in Kentucky. This task can be executed through the filing for a Certificate of Authority, the process for which is available both online and in PDF format. Online filers will enjoy the Secretary of State’s online business registration portal, on which they will be able to pay the $90 filing fee by credit card or through their pre-paid account. Those opting to file through a physical application will be required to pay by check. All foreign entities entering the State of Kentucky should first familiarize themselves with the state’s statutes on corporation found in Chapter 271B.

Before beginning the filing process, we recommend that you verify whether your name is available for use in Kentucky. This task can be accomplished by performing a Business Entity Search. Fortunately for online applicants, there is a name availability function integrated into the process so this step will be unnecessary. However all filers should consider performing a Name Reservation ensuring that they have ample time to file without having to worry about another entity using their name.

How to File (Online)

Step 1- You can start off by finding your way to this webpage to log into your online account. To learn more about the registration process, review our tutorial on how to create an account.


Step 2- On the next page, click on the Registration Services to register your corporation then select the Business Registration link on the subsequent page to get to the landing page.



Step 3- The landing page is where you will be able to identify the type of business you are forming. Select the second of the four options indicating that you are indeed a foreign entity.


Step 4- After reading the disclaimer, you will be brought to a window similar to the one below. Enter the registration contact person’s information into the provided fields.


Step 5- Here you will be able to research whether your current name is available. Use the search bar at the top and the suffix drop down menu to supply your name. When you enter a usable name, you will be able to proceed to the next step.



Step 6- Now choose the registered agent for your business. This will involve providing their full name, address and contact information.


Step 7- Provide the principle office address next.


Step 8- Here you will be able to indicate whether the business is American, the date of it’s initial organization and the date of duration.


Step 9- Add all necessary business representatives here, those needed will be highlighted in red at the top of the page. Once you have submitted the minimum requirements, you will permitted to proceed.


Step 10- If there is to be a delayed effective date, enter it here. Otherwise, skip this step.


Step 11-Supply the business administrator’s information or select the option to elect yourself for the role.


Step 12-Provide next, the signature of the representative as well as the date of filing. Below this you will need the registered agent’s signature and again, the day’s date.


Step 13-The summary of what you’ve just entered will be displayed at this stage. Review it before continuing to the payment of the filing fee.


Step 14- Payment summary will be displayed as well as the payment type drop down menu. Choose between credit card or pre-paid account before continuing to the subsequent page and entering in your credentials. This action will complete your online filing.

kentucky-lp-online-15How to File (PDF)

Step 1- Begin by downloading the Certificate of Authority.

Step 2- This form will require the following information:

  • 1-Identify which entity type you’d like to form
  • 2-The name of the entity
  • 3-The name of the entity to be used in Kentucky (if applicable)
  • 4-State or country of original organization
  • 5-Date of organization
  • 6-Mailing address of principle office
  • 7-Street address of registered office in Kentucky and registered agent
  • 8-Name and addresses of organizers
  • 13-Effective date (if different than time of filing)
  • Signature of authorized representative, their title and the date of filing
  • Signature of registered agent,printed name, title, date of filing


Step 3- Provide a check covering the filing fee of $90, made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer and send both items to the below address for processing.

Office of the Secretary of State, Records Branch

P.O. Box 718, 700 Capital Ave., Ste. 156

Frankfort, KY 40601


Renewal– In the state of Kentucky, all businesses must renew through the process of filing their annual report. This can be executed online and through a PDF file. This document allows the Secretary of State’s office to keep track of a company’s financial performance and managerial changes which have occurred over the previous 12 months. Business entities which fail to file will no longer hold the status of “in good standing” and will eventually risk dissolution.