In order for organizers to file with the Secretary of State online, they will first need to sign up for an account with Kansas Business Center. Their online portal has allowed for quick and stress free filing of the essential documents required in formation. The account can be accessed for free and should only take a few minutes to register for. All that will be required is your full name, a valid email address and a secure password. We’ve relayed the steps below for anyone who has found the process more confusing than it ought to be.

How to Create

Step 1- Navigate to this webpage, on it you will see the login in fields and below that, the Sign Up option. Click on this link to continue.

kansas-online-account-1Step 2- Enter your first and last name followed by your email address and your password. Providing that the password meets the requirements of this website, you will be able to retrieve your account access link through your email.


Step 3- The email should contain a message similar to the one below, click on the second available link to proceed to the next step.


Step 4- Click on the next step to continue.


Step 5- Here you will be able to choose your payment method for filing fees. Select either the option to pay as you go through a credit card or bill my existing subscriber account (if applicable). Clicking Continue will provide you with the Kanaccess homepage.


How to Login

Logging into your account is simple, all you will need to do is navigate to this webpage. On it you will see the option to enter your login credentials and another option for creating a new account. Simply enter your username and password into the first two fields and click Sign In to continue.