This tutorial has been created to walk business representatives through the process of reserving their entity name. Businesses who have researched their name in the Kansas name database and have found it to be unique to their entity will be able to file with the Secretary of State whilst using said name. However, if there is a period of time between your selection of a title and your ability to file, you may wish to perform a name reservation. This filing can be submitted online for the price of $30 or through the paper filing of the PDF form for an additional $5. What both options will provide is a window of 120 days in which you will own the rights to your operating name.

How to Reserve (Online)

Step 1- In order to successfully reserve your entity name online, you will need to first have already registered for an account with the Kansas Business Center website. Log in to your account once it’s been created and navigate to this webpage.

Step 2- Once there, you will be presented with a number of fields. Enter the necessary information as follows:

  • Name to Reserve
  • Applicant Name
  • Applicant Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Signature


Step 3- After clicking Continue, you will be shown your shopping cart. Select the payment method you’d like to use. On the following page you will be able to enter the required billing information to complete the filing and reserve your name.


How to Reserve (PDF)

Step 1- For this approach to filing, you will not be required to log in to your online account. Instead you can begin by downloading the Temporary Reservation of Business Name form.

Step 2- On the first page, check off all the applicable boxes and on the second provide the name to be reserved, your name and address. In the final box you can enter your signature, phone number, title and the day’s date.

KS-Name-ReservationStep 3- Once this has been completed, attach a check made payable to the Secretary of State for $35 and mail both items to the below address.

Memorial Hall, 1st Floor

120 S.W. 10th Avenue

Topeka, KS 66612

How to (Video)