This tutorial will detail the manner in which business representatives can register their entity with the Kansas Secretary of State. All corporations wishing to expand their business into Kansas will need to first apply for the authority to do so. This task can be accomplished through the filing of the necessary documents and the payment of their respective fees admitted by the Secretary of State. A certificate of good standing/status/existence will need to be attached to your application to prove that you are active and have filed all the necessary annual reports in the state/country of original incorporation. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no option available for online filing and all applicant’s will be required to download the PDF, complete it on their computer, then print it off to be sent in the mail to the office of the Secretary of State.

We recommend that, before you file with the Secretary of State’s office, you conduct a Business Entity Search to make sure that your corporate name hasn’t already been filed by another entity. You may also want to employ the Name Reservation function online to prevent others from using your name. Reservations in this state will endure for up to 120 days prior to filing.

How to File

Step 1-There are two varieties of corporation in Kansas; profit and non-profit. Those who plan to procure dividends from their business will be required to down the Foreign-For-Profit Corporation Application, Those who won’t be acquiring any income will be able to download the Foreign-Not-For-Profit Corporation Application.

Step 2- Both profit and non-profit corporations will be required to supply the following information into their forms:

  • 1-Name of corporation
  • 2-State/Country of organization
  • 3-Date corporation began doing business in Kansas
  • 4-Name and address of resident agent
  • 5-Principle office address
  • 6-Mailing address (if different from principle office address)
  • 7-Tax closing month
  • 8-Full nature of business to be conducted in Kansas
  • 11-Duration of corporartion
  • 12-Effective date
  • 13-Signature of authorized officer and the date of filing



Step 3- Now that the form has been completely filled, you will need to attach to it, your certificate of good standing from the region of original formation and the filing fee associated with this filing ($115). This fee should be paid by check or money order and made payable to the Secretary of State. Send all items in the same envelope to the below address and await confirmation.

Memorial Hall, 1st Floor

120 S.W. 10th Avenue

Topeka, KS 66612


Renewal– All business entities will need to file an annual report each year to renew with the Secretary of State. This renewal will allow you to remain in good standing and will supply the state government with any update on the management, principle office location, registered agent changes or any other alteration they deem important. This filing can be completed online or through PDF form and will cost the filing fee of $55 for profit corporations and $40 for non-profit.