Business owners may wish to purchase a Certificate of Good Standing in order to prove that they are up to date with all filings and fees where the Secretary of State of Kansas is concerned. Many states won’t allow foreign businesses to transact business within their borders without this document. In a few cases, banks will request that you supply this document when opening checking and savings account. To obtain one online, you will be required to pay a $10 fee. The whole acquisition process should take less than a minute as long as your business is currently in good standing with the state.

How to Request

Step 1- Begin the process in the same way you would if you were conducting a Business Entity Search. Navigate to this page and enter the name of your business into the provided field.


Step 2-Search in the list of entities for your company and be sure to check for the status, found in the far right column. It should indicate that the business is “Active and in Good Standing”.


Step 3- You should be able to see the option to buy the certificate on this page. Select it to move to the next page.

ks-certificate-good-standing-3Step 4- Here you will be required to read the terms of the purchase and then click Proceed to Payment.

ks-certificate-good-standing-4Step 5- You will now be required to choose between an e-Check, Credit Card or payment through your subscription to the Secretary of State website. Note that after you’ve paid the fee, you will be given the opportunity to print the certificate just the one time. It will not be sent to you in the mail or made downloadable in PDF format for future use.


How to (Video)