This brief tutorial will take you through the process of creating an online account in the state of Indiana. You will find that an account will be necessary when attempting to use the filing portal found on the Secretary of State website. Not only is an account used to create an entity, but it can also be used to maintain a good business status by allowing you to easily file your annual reports; a step that is necessary for all entities in Indiana.

How to Create

Step 1- Begin by navigating to this webpage. From there you will see an image on the right hand side of your screen that will look like the image displayed below. Enter your email address into the entry field and click Submit verification code.


Step 2- An email will then be sent to you containing a verification code. Enter the code into the appropriate filed and click Verify code.


Step 3- You will then be required to decide on a password for your account. Enter your password into the first field and again into the second to confirm. Next, provide your first and last name as well as your phone number. Click Create once all the information has been supplied and your online account will be ready to use.


How to (Video)