If you intend on filing your business with the Indiana Secretary of State, you may want to look into the name reservation function available on the government website. This process will allow you to reserve the rights to your name for a period of 120 days prior to registration. While there is a PDF available for this function, you may also utilize the streamlined online portal to expedite the reservation process. The online filing fee is set at $10 while those opting for the paper filing method will be able to make their request for free.

How to Reserve (Online)

Step 1- To begin, you must first navigate to this webpage and sign in with your online account. If you have yet to create an account with the Secretary of State, please review our tutorial on that process.



Step 2- Once you have logged in you will see an image on the left titled Online Services. Click on the link to continue.


Step 3- You will then be presented with a series of options to choose from. Select the Secretary of State Business Service Division followed by the Name Reservation link.


Step 4- Enter the business name into the first entry field and click Check Availability. This step is important to ensure that your desired business name in indeed available for use. Continue by entering-in your applicant information and click Next when you are ready to proceed.


Step 5- Your proposed business name will then be displayed. Verify it for accuracy and click Next to continue.


Step 6- You may provide your virtual signature by entering your name and checking the small box just above the entry field. Click Add to Payment Cart to proceed to the payment portion of this process.


Step 7- Simply click Checkout to proceed to the next page.


Step 8- On this last page you will need to select your payment method from the drop-down menu and provide your payment information. The $10 filing fee can be paid by credit card, debit card or e-check. Clicking Continue will take you to the final stages of the reservation process where you can officially submit your request.


How to Reserve (PDF)

Before filing, we recommend that you perform a Business Entity Search to check the availability of your business name.

Step 1- To begin the paper filing process for a name reservation, you will first need to download the PDF here on our site.

Step 2- Once you have it open in your PDF viewer, you must enter the following information into its empty fields:

Page 1

  • Name of the business
  • Email address
  • Return delivery instructions


Page 2

  • Proposed name to be reserved
  • Name of applicant
  • Address of applicant
  • Signature of applicant
  • Printed name of applicant


Step 3- Fortunately for name reservations sent by mail there is no filing fee. Just have the application printed and forwarded to the address below.

Secretary of State

Business Services Division

302 West Washington Street, Room E018 – Indianapolis, IN 46204

How to (Video)