If you are looking to expand your limited liability company into the state of Indiana, this tutorial will assist you in getting a grasp on the business registration process. The Secretary of State has provided an online filing system for foreign applicants. They have also allowed inquirers to download the PDF of the application (available here on our site) and mail in the document in paper format to their offices. This filing will need to be accompanied by the filing fee which is required of all for-profit entities in this state ($105 online, $125 by mail).

It is recommended, though not required, that filers perform a preliminary search of the Secretary of State name database to check the availability of their business name. Our tutorials covering the Business Entity Search function as well as the Name Reservation tool will cover the preliminary name search instructions and the benefits of reserving prior to filing.

How to File (Online)

Step 1- Begin by navigating to this webpage where you can sign in with your online account. If you have yet to create an account with the Secretary of State, you may find our tutorial on this process useful.



Step 2- Select the Online Services link located on the left hand side of your screen.


Step 3- Out of the first four options, choose Secretary of State Business Service Division followed by Out-of-State Business.


Step 4- Simply click Business Formation from the list of available options.


Step 5- Specify the type of entity that you would like to create by choosing Limited Liability Company from the Select Foreign Entity Type menu.


Step 6- If you have reserved a business name, indicate this by selecting Yes. If not, enter the proposed business name into the entry field and click Check Availability. A message will then be displayed stating as to whether or not the name is available. Assuming that you name is available, continue by clicking Next.


Step 7- This page will require you to supply some general business information. Start by entering your email address, and once again to confirm. You must then specify the initial date and jurisdiction of formation. Lastly, provide the address of the principal office and click Next to proceed.


Step 8- On this page you will need to provide the name and address of the registered agent. Choose Individual  or Business to indicate the agent’s status. If an individual is representing your business as the registered agent then you will need to manually supply that individual’s details. If a business is acting a the registered agent, search for the business and select it from the generated list.


Step 9- This page will have you supplying the names and addresses of each principal individual. Once one individual has been provided, click Add Principal and repeat this process until each person has been added. At the top of the page, indicate the membership status before clicking Next to proceed.


Step 10- Here you may add any additional provisions that you would like to include with your application. At this point foreign applicants will need to attach a certificate of existence from the initial jurisdiction of formation.


Step 11- The next page will provide you with a review of all of the information you’ve submitted thus far. Check the data for accuracy before clicking Next to continue.


Step 12- By entering your name into the Signature field and specifying your business title you will effectively be signing for your application. Check each of the boxes highlighted in red before clicking Add to Payment Cart to proceed.


Step 13- This page will provide you with a summary of the filing fee ($105). Click Checkout to continue.


Step 14- Select you method of payment for the filing fee by choosing one of the options from the drop-down menu (credit card, debit card or E-check). Lastly, enter your payment information into the entry fields and click Continue to be taken to the final stage of the application process where you can officially submit your filings.


How to File (PDF)

Step 1- Once you’ve been assured that you’re name is most likely available for registration, you can continue by downloading the Application for Certificate of Authority for a Foreign Limited Liability Company.

Step 2- The information they ask of foreign LLC applicants is as follows:

  • Name of LLC
  • Article I- Fictitious name of LLC (if applicable) and address of principle office
  • Article II- Name and address of registered agent as well as their consent (indicated by checked box)
  • Article III- Date formed in initial state, state of initial organization and the nature of dissolution (business is perpetual or to dissolve on date indicated)
  • Article IV- LLC to be managed by members (y/n), LLC to be managed by managers (y/n)
  • Manger/member’s name, date, printed name of applicant and signature of applicant

Step 3- Now that the form has been completed in its entirety, print it off, sign it and attach to it the filing fee of $125 in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Secretary of State. Additionally the Indiana Secretary of State asks that all foreign LLC filers supply a certificate of existence (or of good standing) issued by the proper authority within 60 days of filing. Once all forms have been signed and collected, you will need to send them to the below address for processing.

Secretary of State

Business Services Division

302 West Washington Street, Room E018 – Indianapolis, IN 46204


Renewal– All businesses operating in Indiana will be required to renew with the Secretary of State by filing their business entity report. For profit organizations, this will only need to be done every other year, within the anniversary month of their initial filing with the state. An online option has been made available and is reachable through the link located in the heading of this paragraph. The website has also offered the option of submitting such a document through the mail, with the necessary PDF application located here. The online renewal is only possible after an account has been created with the Secretary of State. If you choose to file through the mail, your submissions will need to be sent to the below address for processing.

Secretary of State

Business Services Division

302 West Washington Street, Room E018 – Indianapolis, IN 46204