Welcome to the Start a Business page designed specifically to educate prospective LLC owners on the registration process involved with their domestic business type. In just a few steps, and with submitting only a small amount of information, you will be able to successfully file your limited liability company with the Indiana Secretary of State. For a more expedited process, we recommend utilizing the IN.gov’s online filing system available to domestic LLCs exclusively (filing fees equal $95). Alternatively you can submit your paperwork by mail using the PDF found here on our site. This technique will cost you an additional $5 on top of the initial filing fee.

If you are not planning on taking advantage of the government website to file your business, you may want to consider performing a preliminary search of the Secretary of State name database to check the availability of your proposed name. More on this process can be found here on our website. Online filers will find that this step has been incorporated into their registration process. A Name Reservation may also prove useful to those wishing to file on a later date.

How to File (Online)

Step 1- To access the online filing portal you must first create an account with the Secretary of State (tutorial on this process here). Once created, navigate to this website to sign into the online portal.



Step 2- Select the Online Services link located on the left hand side of your screen.


Step 3- Out of the available options, choose Secretary of State Business Services Division followed by Indiana Business.


Step 4- Continue by selecting the Business Formation option.


Step 5- Specify the type of entity being created before clicking Continue to proceed.


Step 6- If you have reserved a business name, indicate this by selecting Yes. If not, enter your proposed name into the entry field and click Check Availability. A message will be displayed indicating as to whether or not the name is available. If the name is indeed available then you can click Next to proceed.


Step 7- This page will require you to enter your business email address, specify the period of existence, the effective date of formation and the principal office address. Once this information has been added you can continue by clicking Next.


Step 8- Specify the status of the registered agent by selecting either Individual or Business. If an individual, you will need to manually supply his/her name and address. If a business, search for the name and select it from the generated list.


Step 9- This step will require you to specify the membership status of the LLC as well as supply the name, address and business title of each principal individual. Once you’ve entered the details of a principal individual click Add Principal and repeat this process until each has been provided. Click Next when you are ready to proceed.


Step 10- Here you will be able to add any additional articles that you would like to include with your filings.


Step 11- The next page will provide you with a review of all the information submitted so far. Check the data for accuracy before clicking Next to continue.


Step 12- A virtual signature will be required on this next page. Enter you name into the Signature field and specify your business title. You must then check each box highlighted in red before clicking Add to Payment Cart to proceed.


Step 13- The filing fee will be displayed on the following page ($95). Simply click Checkout to continue.


Step 14- Specify you method of payment using the drop-down menu (credit card, debit card, E-check) and enter your payment information into the entry fields. Clicking Continue will take you to the final stage of the application process where you can officially submit your filings.


How to File (PDF)

Step 1- You will be able to file the necessary documentation by downloading the PDF of the Articles of Organization here on our website and submitting it through the mail to the Secretary of State.

Step 2- The information required on these forms is as follows:

Page 1

  • Name of business
  • Email address of business
  • Applicant’s full name and address
  • Applicant’s telephone number


Page 2

  • Article I- Name of LLC and address of principle office
  • Article II- Name and address of registered agent as well as their consent (indicated by checked box)
  • Article III- Nature of dissolution (business is perpetual or to dissolve on date indicated)
  • Article IV- LLC will be managed by managers (y/n), date, signature, and printed name of applicant as well as address of the applicant


Step 3- Once you’ve printed off your completed PDF, you can sign the bottom and attach your filing fee ($100). This fee can be paid by money order or by check, both of which should be made payable to the Secretary of State. All items should then be placed in an envelope and sent to the below address for processing.

Secretary of State

Business Services Division

302 West Washington Street, Room E018 – Indianapolis, IN 46204


EIN– An Employer Identification Number, for those who aren’t aware, is the corporate equivalent of a Social Security Number. It may be necessary, depending the type of LLC you plan to operate, to apply for an EIN immediately after confirmation from the Secretary of State has been received to ensure that your business is identified by the IRS as a legitimate entity. This number will enable you to hire your employees and commit to all levels of financial transactions in the name of your LLC. To learn more about the acquisition processes, please review our tutorials for either the Online application or the filing of Form SS-4.

Operating Agreement– An operating agreement is often drafted by the organizers of new limited liability companies to provide an internal document dictating the manner in which the business is the operate. Within its bylaws there will be enough information to accurately describe each members relationship to each other and to the company itself. While not legally required in the state of Indiana, it is highly recommended that you incorporate one into your business structure to ensure proper organization. To learn more and to access our free templates in MS Word or PDF, click on the link associated with this paragraph.

Renewal– For-profit businesses, which includes domestic LLCs, will only need to submit their business entity report biennially to remain in good standing with the Secretary of State. This process will effectively renew their company for the following two years and ensure that if necessary, they will be able to obtain a certificate of good standing and proceed to operate without any limitations. If you have chosen to file by mail, you can send this PDF application to the below address. Otherwise, follow the link to the left to be directed to the Secretary of State website where you can log in with your account and file online.

Secretary of State

Business Services Division

302 West Washington Street, Room E018 – Indianapolis, IN 46204