Creating a limited liability company, or registering a pre-existing LLC in Illinois can be done with relative ease. It is unfortunately only domestic entity representatives that will benefit from the convenience of online filing. However, we’ve supplied the requisite PDF files here on our site and created a tutorial which walks you through the entire filing process. Below we’ve composed a brief overview of what the filing process will involve, however we urge you to visit the tutorials linked on this page to familiarize yourself further with each individual course of action.

How to File

Step 1- To start, we recommend researching the availability of your LLC name prior to registration with a Business Entity Search. A search will supply you with the names that are similar to that of your own, if any, and allow you to assess whether you would like to proceed with filing under that moniker. If you feel as though it’s susceptible to being taken by another entity before you file, a Name Reservation will secure your name for a period of 90 days prior to filing. 

Step 2- Next, you will need to submit your filing information either online or by PDF. Click on the link below that corresponds with your business type to learn more about the exact filing requirements.

Step 3- Once the application has been completed on your computer and you’ve printed it off in duplicate (applicable only to PDF filers), sign it and attach the filing fee. For all standard LLCs, you will be be required to pay $500. Series LLCs will have to pay $750. Online filers will also have to pay an additional $100 fee due to their filing method. For online applicants, note that when your fee has been paid by credit card it will mark the completion of the filing process. If you’ve submitted a PDF document, you must pay by check or money order made payable to the Secretary of State.

Step 4- At this juncture, foreign LLC representatives will need to supply the certificate of good standing issued within 60 days of this filing. Without this certificate you will be unable to relay to the Illinois Secretary of State that you exist legally in the jurisdiction of your initial organization. With all paperwork completed, filing fees made payable to the Secretary of State and any required certificates attached, your PDF filing is ready to be sent to the Department of Business Services (shown below).

Secretary of State

Department of Business Services Limited Liability Division

501 S. Second St., Rm. 351 Springfield, IL 62756


EIN– Many business representatives will need to apply for an Employer Identification Number following their registration with the Secretary of State. The EIN will allow for the IRS to identify your LLC for tax reporting purposes. You will then be able to utilize this number to open bank accounts, apply for credit cards and proceed to conduct any other financial undertaking. The acquisition of this identifier can be done using either the Online application or the PDF application through Form SS-4, neither of which will charge a filing fee of any kind.

Operating Agreement– If you have not yet drafted your operating agreement for your proposed limited liability company, we suggest taking a look at the free template found linked in this paragraph. There you will find all the provisions necessary for the detailed organization of your company’s internal affairs. Without a document of this variety, you will find that there is no legal representation of the bylaws under which the members and managers of the entity are expected to operate. A free template has been provided within the link at the heading of this paragraph, available in MS Word and PDF formats.

Renewal– Renewing with the office of the Secretary of State is an action that can be completed online. This method of application is the more favorable filing method as it will allow you to skip the downloading of the PDF file and the submission of the annual report through the mail. It is essential that this process be completed annually to inform the Department of Business Services of any changes in principle office, names/addresses of managers or any other piece of information they deem necessary. If your company is not in good standing with the Secretary of State, you will be required to pay the late filing fee prior to your online submission.

How to (Video)