In this brief tutorial we’ve assimilated all the steps necessary for the acquisition of a Certificate of Good Standing in Illinois. This document is often referred to as a certificate of legal existence (indeed this is the case for LP/LLPs in this state) and occasionally a certificate of status but essentially they all serve the same purpose; to prove legitimacy. The certificate itself will cost filers $25 however, with the expedited fee associated with the online acquisition process, the grand total of the procedure will come to $47. Unfortunately this additional cost appears to be unavoidable but many may find that the online accessibility justifies the requested price.

How to Request Online

Step 1- The obtainment of a Certificate of Existence is executed through the business entity search process. The first step will be navigating to this website if you represent an LLC/corporation and this website if you represent a partnership. For the purposes of this tutorial we’ve chosen the LLC search option but for each entity type the process is essentially the same. Choose the type of search, followed by the method and then enter the information you have at hand to narrow down the possible search results on the subsequent page. Click Submit to advance.

il-business-search-3Step 2- Choose from the list generated by the metrics of your inquiry by selecting your company’s name. This will bring you to the file detail report page.


Step 3- If the status of your entity is active you should be able to see the Purchase Certificate of Good Standing link on the bottom right hand side of the window. In the case that this space is left empty, you will most likely have to contact the Secretary of State office to inquire about the status of your business entity and take the steps necessary to returning it to a state of good standing.


Step 4- When selected, the Purchase Certificate of Good Standing link will take you to the fee information and credit card payment page. The transaction summary will be listed above indicating the initial cost of the certificate as well as the additional fees associated with online filing. Below this summary you will be able to enter your billing info to complete the payment. Following this step your certificate will be made downloadable for you.


How to (Video)