A limited liability company from out-of-state which would like to transact business within the Idaho borders can do so by filing a Foreign Registration Statement. This document is the same for all non-domestic entity types and will need to be accompanied by a certificate of status/existence issued by the Secretary of State or similar authority of the region of original formation. All documents will need to be printed off in duplicate and sent by mail to the Idaho Secretary of State office with the filing fee of $100. The statutes surrounding a filing of this nature can be found in code 30-21-503.

All business entities in Idaho must operate under a name which is unique to them and is clearly distinguishable from that of any other business. To ensure that this is the case for your LLC name, perform a Business Entity Search on the Secretary of State website. A Name Reservation can hold the rights to a name for up to 4 months in Idaho and will cost a total of $20.

How to File

Step 1- Filers will need to begin by downloading the Foreign Registration Statement.

Step 2- The information required on this document is as follows:

  • 1-Name of LLC
  • 2-Name to use in Idaho
  • 3-Entity type
  • 4-Jurisdiction of formation
  • 5-Address of principle office
  • 6-Address of domestic principle office (if applicable)
  • 7-Mailing address (if different than #5)
  • 8-Name and address of registered agent in Idaho
  • 9-Name, capacity and address of at least one governor
  • Signature, typed name and capacity of signatory


Step 3- Complete the form in duplicate and attached to it a check for $100 made payable to the Secretary of State. Be sure to include a certificate of existence from the initial jurisdiction of formation. Those who choose to hand write the application as opposed to typing it will be charged another $20. The same price increase will be applied to those demanding an expedited filing. Mail all items in an envelope to the address below.

Office of the Secretary of State

450 N 4th Street, PO Box 83720

Boise ID 83720


Renewal– To remain in good standing in Idaho, business entities will be required to file for the renewal of their business by submitting an annual report to the Secretary of State’s office. A reminder will be sent in the mail which will indicate the due date, the Filing # of the company and the PIN used for online filing. In contrast to most states, Idaho charges nothing for their annual reports.