Corporations that would like to do business in Idaho will first have to file what is called the Foreign Registration Statement. Along with this filing, you will need to submit a certificate of good standing which has been issued from the region of original incorporation and signed by the Secretary of State or like authority within 90 days of your filing in Idaho. The cost of filing in this state is $100, with an additional $20 for expedited filing and another $20 for those who choose not to type their form. Scroll down to learn more about the filing process.

Foreign entities entering Idaho may want to check to see if their business name is already in use by an active company. This process can be accomplished by performing a Business Entity Search on the Secretary of State website. If the name is already taken, you must operate under a fictitious name for as long as you conduct business in Idaho. A Name Reservation can prevent this from happening by securing the rights to the name for 4 months prior to filing for registration.

How to File

Step 1- To begin, you will need to download the Foreign Registration Statement.

Step 2- With the application downloaded, continue by providing the following information:

  • 1-Name of corporation
  • 2-Name to use in Idaho
  • 3-Entity type
  • 4-Jurisdiction of formation
  • 5-Address of principle office
  • 6-Address of domestic principle office (if applicable)
  • 7-Mailing address if different than #5
  • 8-Name and address of registered agent in Idaho
  • 9-Name, capacity and address of at least one governor
  • Signature, typed name and capacity of signatory


Step 3- Once you’ve submitted all the necessary information and printed the application in duplicate, you will be required to make a check payable to the Secretary of State for the amount covering the filing fee ($100) and any other additional charge. Place both copies of the statement, the certificate of good standing from your original state/country and the check into an envelope and send it to the below address for processing.

Office of the Secretary of State

450 N 4th Street, PO Box 83720

Boise ID 83720


Renewal– In Idaho, all businesses must fill an annual report of each year’s financial progress and activity. A notice will be sent prior to your needing to file which will indicate the due date as well as the PIN and Filing # to use when signing onto the online account. This state doesn’t require a fee for renewal, but if you fail to file within a certain period of time, you will most likely be required to apply for reinstatement.