This webpage has been created to provide insight into the registration process for domestic corporations in Idaho. Filers will be required to submit the Articles of Incorporation to the Secretary of State by mail as there currently exists no online filing portal. Along with the articles, a filing fee must be attached in the form of a check made payable to the Secretary of State ($100 profit, $30 non-profit). It is recommended that, after successfully filing with the Secretary of State, incorporators draft a set of bylaws to organize their internal affairs (more on this at the bottom of the page).

Each corporation must register using a business name that is completely unique and distinguishable from all other entities on file in Idaho. To ensure yourself of your desired name’s originality, perform a Business Entity Search on the Secretary of State website. Incorporators can also file a Name Reservation application to secure the rights to their name for up to 4 months prior to filing.

How to File a Profit Corporation

Step 1- Filers must begin by downloading the Articles of Incorporation.

Step 2- With the application downloaded, continue by supplying the following information:

  • 1-Name of the corporation
  • 2-Number of shares
  • 3-Registered agent address and name
  • 4-Incorporator name and address
  • 5-Corporation’s mailing address
  • Optional articles
  • Signature of at least one incorporator

Idaho-Articles-of-IncorporationStep 3- Once you’ve completed the application in duplicate, you can write a check made payable to the Secretary of State for a total of $100. Send both the check and the application to the address below for processing.

Office of the Secretary of State

450 N 4th Street, PO Box 83720

Boise ID 83720

How to File a Non-Profit Corporation

Step 1- Start by downloading the Articles of Incorporation.

Step 2- Open the application with your PDF viewer and supply the following information:

  • 1-Corporate name
  • 2-Purpose for which the corporation is organized
  • 3-Registered agent address and name
  • 4-Board of directors (at least 3) names and addresses
  • 5-Incorporator’s names and addresses
  • 6-Mailing address of the corporation
  • 7-Corporation has voting members (y/n)
  • 8-The manner in which assets are to be distrubuted upon dissolution
  • Printed names and signatures of all Incorporators


Step 3- After you’ve completed your application in duplicate, you must attach the check covering the filing fee of $100. All articles must be sent by mail to the address below for processing.

Office of the Secretary of State

450 N 4th Street, PO Box 83720

Boise ID 83720


EIN– Incorporators will be required to seek the acquisition of an Employer Identification Number immediately after they finish filing with the Secretary of State. This number will allow them to perform financial transactions as well as allow the Internal Revenue Service to identify them for tax reporting purposes. An EIN can be applied for, free of charge, Online or through the mail with Form SS-4. You can review our tutorial (linked in the heading of this paragraph) which will show you exactly how to navigate through the filing procedures and finish this process in a matter of minutes.

Corporate Bylaws– Every legitimate corporation should draft a set of corporate bylaws to indicate to financial institutions and other businesses that they are both organized and lawful. The primary function of this document is to underline the various rules and regulations used to manage and govern the affairs and activities within the corporation. This internal filing is not required by law, and it will not be necessary to file a copy with the Secretary of State. However, we highly recommend that one be drafted as it is most likely the only legal document which will indicate each shareholder’s stake in the company and the manner in which the corporation shall operate.

Renewal– All corporations will be required to renew each year by submitting an annual report. This report is used to update the state on all company activities and business advancements for that year and can be filed online free of charge. A postcard will be sent to remind managing members to file containing the Filing #, the PIN and the due date of the filing. Companies that fail to file their annual report for a long enough period of time will be dissolved and will have to apply for reinstatement.