Business owners wishing to reserve the rights to their name prior to filing with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs can do so online using the name reservation form X-1. This process is often used by foreign business entities who are trying to prevent other companies from registering using their business name, thus avoiding the need for a fictitious name. The fee is $8.50 and once you’ve completed the online filing, your name will be reserved for a period of no more than 120 days.

How to Reserve

Step 1- Start by logging into your online account. You will then need to navigate to this webpage and select X-1 (Application for Reservation of Name).


Step 2- First, choose which type of business entity you’re reserving the name for.


Step 3- Your name and address will now be needed.


Step 4- Indicate here whether you are a domestic entity (forming in the state of Hawaii) or a foreign entity (current business seeking approval to transact business in Hawaii).


Step 5- Here is where you will be able to enter the name to be reserved. Check the box if it includes a fictitious name for your foreign entity.


Step 6- This next step will ask corporations whether they are profit or non-profit and partnerships whether they are general, LP or LLLP.


Step 7- Review your information and enter your name followed by your signature. Click Review and Purchase to continue to the next step.

hawaii-name-reservation-7Step 8- You will now be able to review the filing fee. Click Checkout to be brought to the page on which your credit card information can be entered to complete the filing process.

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