A Certificate of Good Standing can be easily obtained using the Business Registration Division of Hawaii’s government website. After registering for an online account, you will be presented with the opportunity to acquire this document online and in paper form, the cost of which is set at $7.50 each. The certificate is usually needed by entities wishing to expand into jurisdictions outside of their own. The reason for this being that it serves as proof that the managing members have successfully filed all necessary annual reports with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

How to Request

Step 1- Begin the process by logging into your account. Once this has been accomplished, you will be able to navigate to this webpage which will look identical to the one needed to perform a business search. Enter the name of the business you’d like to buy a certificate for into the field and click Search.

hawaii-certificate-of-good-standing-onlineStep 2- You will be presented with a list of names generated by the contents of your query. You will have to find your company and click on it’s name.


Step 3- Here you will be given the choice of an electronic (PDF) or printed certificate. Add your selection to the cart and continue to check out.


Step 4- Enter your name and email into the empty fields.


Step 5- Choose the payment type next, either credit card or through your subscription with the government website.


Step 6- Provide the cardholder information and card type into the window on the left. Your billing address can be provided in the one on the right. Continue to the next page to complete the filing process.


How to (Video)