In the State of Florida, the document used as proof of your compliance with state law and the proper filing of your annual reports is called the Certificate of Status. In other states this form is often referred to as the certificate of good standing or certificate of compliance. Regardless of its title, a document of this nature can be used to apply for loans, renew business licenses or expand your business out of state. It can be conveniently obtained online through the submission of your document # into the Department of State website. The filing fee of $8.75 is payable online by credit card.

How to Request ( Online)

Step 1- The first step to acquiring your certificate is to gain access to your Document # (providing that it is not already available).  Like we’ve shown in the Business Entity Search tutorial, you will need to navigate to this webpage and choose the format in which you’d like to search for your company. If you already have your Document #, proceed to Step 6.

florida-certificate-of-statusStep 2- You will be taken to a secondary page on which you can submit the piece of information corresponding to your business. In the below example, we’ve decided to search by name.

florida-certificate-of-status-1Step 3- Click on the entity name to see further details.


Step 4- Highlight and copy the document number as shown highlighted below.


Step 5- Next navigate to this webpage and click on Certificate of Status.


Step 6- The field where you can paste/enter your document number will be made available as shown below.


Step 7- On the following page they will ask you to verify your e-mail address before sending you the PDF form of the certificate. In the proceeding page’s fields, you will be able to enter in your credit card and contact information to pay the filing fee.


How to (Video)