This webpage will provide you with the information needed to reserve an entity name in the state of Connecticut. A name, once chosen, can be reserved for a period of 120 days prior to registration to ensure that no other entity files under it as preparations are being made. The filing fee for all entities is $60, which should be paid by check made out to the Secretary of the State. As there is no online filing system in place for this particular filing, the reservation must be submitted by mail using the PDF form linked below.

Before applying for the reservation of a name, and paying the $60 fee, you may wish to use the Business Search function on the government website to check it’s availability.

How to Reserve (PDF Document)

Step 1- Download the PDF file containing the printable version of form CNR-1-1 and begin filling out the box with the heading Filing Party with the name  and full address of the location responsible for receiving correspondence from the Secretary of State.

Step 2- Fill out the remainder of the form as follows:

  • 1-The name to be reserved
  • 2-The name of the applicant
  • 3-The address of the applicant
  • 4- Provide the printed name, title and signature of the signatory as well as the date in which the filing is taken place.

connecticut-name-reservationIf any confusion has arisen in completing this form, the second page of the PDF has given detailed instructions on the exact requirements of each field.

Step 3- Supply a check covering the filing fee of $60, make it out to the Secretary of the State and attach it to your name reservation form. Place all items in an envelope and send it in the mail to the first address below or have it delivered to the second.

Address 1 :

Commercial Recording Division

Connecticut Secretary of State

P.O. Box 150470, Hartford, CT 06115

Address 2 :

Commercial Recording Division

Connecticut Secretary of State

 30 Trinity Street, Hartford, CT 06106



How to (Video)