A domestic LLC, as opposed to a foreign LLC, is a limited liability company formed within the state of Connecticut under Chapter 613-Sec. 34-120 of the Connecticut State Statutes. This tutorial will uncover the registration process for such an entity and will shed light on what will be required to get one up and running in this state. As there is currently no online filing process, the registration can be committed by downloading the PDF of the Articles of Organization and mailing/delivering it with an attached filing fee of $120 to the Secretary of State.

How to File

Step 1-  The first step in creation will be choosing a unique name and ensuring that it isn’t already registered within the state. Researching its availability can be accomplished through the Business Inquiry tool on the Secretary of State website. The name must also end in either “Limited Liability Company”, “LLC” or “L.L.C” in accordance with Chapter 613-Sec. 34-102.

Step 2- Next, download the PDF of the Articles of Organization and begin filling in eachpage as follows:

Page 1

  • Under Filing Party supply the name and address of the person/business to receive confirmation of filing
  • 1-Name of LLC
  • 2-Purpose of company/type of business the company plans on transacting
  • 3-Address of principal office
  • 4-Mailing address of principal office if different from Line 3
  • 5- Appointment of statutory agent to accept legal process, notice and demand regarding the LLC. Provide the name, business and residential address as well as their signature

Page 2

  • 6-Name, business address and residential address of at least 1 managing member
  • 7-Check the box if the LLC is not to be managed by it’s members
  • 8-LLC email address
  • 9-Date, name of organizer and signature


Step 3- Once the form has been completed, attach to it a check made out to the Secretary of the State for $120. Mail both the check and the Articles of Organization together to the first address below, or deliver it to the second, and await confirmation from the Secretary of the State.

Address 1 :

Commercial Recording Division

Connecticut Secretary of State

P.O. Box 150470, Hartford, CT 06115

Address 2 :

Commercial Recording Division

Connecticut Secretary of State

 30 Trinity Street, Hartford, CT 06106


EIN– Click the link to the left in order to gain detailed instruction on how to obtain an Employer Identification Number, a number used by IRS to identify businesses for employee tax reporting purposes. The EIN will be required when attempting to perform most financial transactions, from as small as opening a bank account to as large as acquiring financing. You can obtain this number through the IRS website Online or with PDF Form SS-4,

Operating Agreement  It is advisable to draft an operating agreement in order to detail the management and organization of your LLC. Although this is not required by the state, and it will not be filed with the Secretary of the State, no other legal document will state how your entity will be run unless this agreement is drafted You can gain access to a free template for this document, found downloadable in MS Word and PDF formatting, linked in the heading of this paragraph. It is wise to have an attorney present during the drafting process to ensure that the document is legally sound and will also benefit each party involved to the greatest extent possible.

Renewal– Thirty days following the confirmation of formation, LLCs in this state must file an annual report. Businesses that fail to file an annual report in the allotted time while lose the status of good standing and may face late filing fees. The standard fees vary depending on the entity type, however, all reports can be filed online using the Secretary of the State Commercial Recording Division filing system. Click on the heading of this paragraph to access said filing portal.