Welcome prospective LLC operators. This tutorial has been designed to give an overview of the registration process for those looking to file with the Connecticut Secretary of State. It should be noted that the filing of a domestic or foreign limited liability company must be executed in accordance with Volume 10, Title 34, Chapter 613 of the General Statutes of Connecticut. As the government website contains no online filing function, a PDF file must be downloaded, either the Articles of Organization (Domestic) or the Application for Registration (Foreign), and submitted to the state offices with an attached filing fee. In either case, the fee of $120 must be made payable to the Secretary of the State.

How to File

Step 1- The first step is of course to choose a name for your LLC. It is then recommended that the Business Inquiry Service on the government website be used to ensure that the name you plan on operating under is completely unique within the state of Connecticut (Sec. 34-102). You must also be sure to include the words “Limited Liability Company” or an abbreviation thereof. If you need additional time with which to prepare for filing, perhaps a Name Reservation would also be a wise precautionary steps to take.

Step 2- With a unique name to file with, you will be able to proceed to downloading the PDF of your registration form. Click on the link below to access the PDF and instructions on how to fill it out.

Step 3- Once you’ve successfully filled your form and provided all information to the best of your knowledge, you may pay the filing fee of $120 by making a check out the Secretary of the State of Connecticut. Foreign LLCs will need to also provide certification from their state of initial formation to prove their good standing with that jurisdiction’s authorities. Compile all documents, enclose them in an envelope and either mail them to the first address below or have the package delivered to the second.

Address 1 :

Commercial Recording Division

Connecticut Secretary of State

P.O. Box 150470, Hartford, CT 06115

Address 2 :

Commercial Recording Division

Connecticut Secretary of State

 30 Trinity Street, Hartford, CT 06106


EIN– Use the IRS Website or file Form SS-4 to get a hold of an Employer Identification Number for your domestic LLC once your application has been accepted by the Secretary of State. This number is used by companies to perform financial transactions such as opening bank accounts, acquiring corporate credit cards and paying employees. This number is issued by Internal Revenue Services to identify businesses for tax reporting purposes.

Operating Agreement– An operating agreement is highly recommended but not legally mandatory for LLCs in Connecticut. It is used as a guide for all of the day to day operations and managerial rights, duties and positions withing the company. Essentially without this legal document, there will be no record or documentation stating the manner in which the business’s internal affairs are to be organized. Click on the heading of this paragraph to access our free template for such an agreement, available in MS Word and PDF formatting, to be used as a drafting guide.

Renewal– All businesses must file an annual report in order to remain in good standing within the Secretary of State.  The purpose of this report is to update the state authorities of any structural changes which may have taken place of the course of a year (ex. principle place of business, registered agent, etc.). The filing of the first annual report must be executed within 30 days of organization and then every year following on the anniversary date. Fortunately this report can be filed online and a link to the Secretary of State online portal can be found in the heading of this paragraph.

How to (Video)