A Certificate of Legal Existence (also known as a certificate of good standing or existence in other States) can be used as proof that an entity is both up to date with their annual reports and that they comply to the legal statutes of the state. This certificate can be used, and is often required, when registering for a loan, renewing business licenses and performing any task that demands the certification of legitimacy of the company seeking authority. The filing fee will amount to $50 when purchasing this document online.

How to Request (Online)

Step 1- Navigate to this webpage and search for the option that says “File Documents” as shown below.


Step 2-Before continuing to the next step, you must acknowledge that you understand the consequences of filing a false document or filing for an entity without their permission to do so.

connecticut-certificate-legal-existance-1Step 3- Choose which applies to you, express user (without an account) or advanced user (those with an account).


Step 4- If you have an account with Concord, sign in to use the system. Otherwise fill in the fields necessary, which will include customer nameemail address and home address, before clicking continue.

connecticut-certificate-legal-existance-3Step 5- When asked what you would like to accomplish, select Get a Certificate of Legal Existence.


Step 6– Confirm that you have the proper program in order to download the PDF of the certificate when necessary. If this is not the case, you must download a version of Adobe before you can obtain a copy.


Step 7- Provide either the Business Name or Business ID and click on the entity in question on the following page. Note that this is the process in which they will check to see if the business qualifies for the certificate. If they currently have annual reports which are past due, they may not acquire a Certificate of Legal Existence.


Step 8 –Select the Certificate Type, the number of copies before clicking continue.


Step 9- Select the payment type and supply the credit card information and billing address


Step 10- Review the information you’ve submitted before clicking Get Certificate. At this point, if all information is valid, you will be able to download and print off the Certificate of Legal Existence for your business.


How to (Video)