This webpage will go over the process of reserving an entity name in the state of Colorado. Like with all business filings in this state, applicant’s will be required to use the Colorado Secretary of State website to submit their documentation as the state offices do not accept paper applications. A name reservation, for those of you who are unaware, enables one to secure the rights to a particular business name to be filed at a later date. In Colorado, the duration of this reservation period is 120 days and the price of filing is $25.

Before submitting your form, perhaps it would be wise to perform a Business Database Search to ensure that the reserved name to-be is not already registered under another entity.

How to Reserve

Step 1- Begin by navigating to this webpage where you will be able to click the Reserve a name for later use link.


Step 2- Submit the entity name on this page and click Next.


Step 3- On the first page of the form you will need to submit the name of the applicant along with their mailing address. Below this, indicate whether you would like to sign up for email notifications.


Step 4- The true name and mailing address of the individual causing the document to be delivered should be submitted here. You can provide additional individuals below this. Be sure to also read the disclaimer. Click Submit when ready.


Step 5- On this page, review the PDF of the document to ensure that all the information is complete and accurate. Click Continue to advance to the payment page.


Step 6- You will be able to review the filing fee on this page and choose between payment by credit/debit card or pre-paid account. Below is a screen shot of the credit card payment window on which you will submit your card number, expiration date, security code, name on card and the billing address of the card holder to pay the $25. This will complete the name reservation process.


How to (Video)