This tutorial has been designed to assist you in the registration process for your out of state LLC in Colorado. Foreign LLC application for authority in this state is extremely simple and straightforward; all that is required is that you complete some basic forms online and pay the filing fee to have those forms processed. The filing fee for foreign LLCs is $100 which must be paid electronically by credit card or through your pre-paid account (if applicable). Similar to all other aspects of forming an LLC in the state of Colorado, all of the form completion and submission must be done using the Colorado Secretary of State online portal. Ensure that the form is completed in accordance with the Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 7-90-301.

If you need additional time with which to prepare for filing, we suggest performing a Name Reservation to secure the rights to your name for a period of 120 days. The reservation will cost you $25.

How to File

Step 1 – Begin by navigating your way to this webpage where you can click the Foreign entity link to advance to the next page.

Colorado - Form Landing Page

Step 2 – Conduct the True Name Availability Search by submitting your entity name into the provided field and clicking Search. If the name is available, you will be able to proceed to the next step.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 1

Step 3 – You will have the option here to used an assumed name, or as some states call it, a fictitious name, instead of your true name. Click Continue when the decision has been made.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 2

Step 4 – You will now have access to the Statement of Foreign Entity Authority form, the one prescribed to LLCs, partnerships and corporations. You will be begin by selecting the form (read entity type) and the jurisdiction of initial formation from the drop down menus.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 3

Step 5- Enter your principal office address here. If the mailing address is different, you will be required to supply it as well.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 4

Step 6- The registered agent info should be submitted and their acceptance of the position affirmed by checking the box below the empty fields.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 5

Step 7- Here you can attach additional information, indicate if there is to be a delayed effective date and opt to sign up for email notifications.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 6

Step 8- Finally, enter the true name and address of the individual filing the document, indicate if there are additional individuals “causing the document to be delivered for filing” and read the disclaimer. Once all information has been submitted, click Submit.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 7

Step 9- The next page will present an image of your filing form to be reviewed for accuracy. Continue on when ready to the payment page where you will enter your credit card information or account information to pay the $100 filing fee. The payment will mark the completion of the filing process and you can expect a wait time of 5 to 15 days in which your forms will be reviewed.


Renewal – All LLCs, corporations and partnerships must renew each year by submitting what is called a periodic report to the Colorado Secretary of State. Once you submitted the document, you will have sufficiently updated the state offices with the information they need of you, and will in turn maintain the status of in good standing. The form must be submitted online during the first three months of each new year in order for it to be considered filed on time. The entire process can be executed in a matter of minutes from the online portal and can be commenced by accessing the record identification or ID search function linked in the heading of this paragraph. All reports must be accompanied by a $10 filing fee.