Welcome to the Start a Business guide to registering a new limited liability company in Colorado. In order to form an LLC in this state, applicants must complete the Articles of Organization form that is available through the Colorado Secretary of State website. The online filing fee cost is $50 and must be paid by credit card or through a pre-existing account set up with the government website. As with all other aspects of forming an entity in Colorado, all forms must completed in accordance with Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 7-90-301. Scroll down to review our full tutorial on the application process.

It would be wise to perform a Business Entity Search prior to registration to ensure that the name you’ve chosen for you business is available for use in the state of Colorado. If you need extra time to get your affairs in order before you file, you may want to consider filing for a 120 day Name Reservation.

How to File

Step 1 – Go to This Webpage to begin the process of completing the Articles of Organization form. You must click on the Limited Liability Company link to proceed.

Colorado - Form Landing Page

Step 2- Enter the name you plan on operating under into the field on this page. You will also have the option of searching the business database at this juncture which, as we’ve mentioned, is never a bad idea.

Colorado - LLC - Domestic 1

Step 3- You must now enter all of the pertinent data required to complete the Articles of Organization form. The required information in the first few fields is simply the principle office address.

Colorado - LLC - Domestic 2

Step 4- Next, supply the name and full address of the registered agent. You will also need to check the box indicating that the individual or entity serving as your registered agent has consented to do so.

Colorado - LLC - Domestic 3

Step 5- Enter the name and address of the person forming the LLC.

Colorado - LLC - Domestic 4

Step 6- Select the management type here, indicate if there is at least one member of the LLC, and acknowledge if there will be additional information included in the attachment. You will also need to indicate if there is to be a delayed effective filing date and if you wish to sign up for email notifications.

Colorado - LLC - Domestic 5

Step 7- Enter the true name and address of the individual causing the document to be delivered for filing, read the disclaimer and the click Submit to continue.

Colorado - LLC - Domestic 6

Step 8 – On the following page you will be presented with a PDF version of your form to review. Providing that all information seems accurate, you can continue on to the payment of the $50 filing fee. Once you’ve paid the fee, you can expect a processing time of 5 to 15 days.


Employer Identification Number (EIN) – The Internal Revenue Service provides all businesses with an EIN when they complete the PDF Document (Form SS-4) or by completing the application for one on the IRS website. Obtaining an EIN is an integral aspect of operating an LLC as it allows the businesses to open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, and pay employees. This number’s main purpose however is to enable the IRS to identify your business as an employer which pays withholding taxes on its employees.

Operating Agreement – It is not a legal obligation for LLCs to draft an operating agreement, however it is highly recommend that every LLC employs one to assist in the management and overall organization of its internal affairs. An operating agreement allows for a general blueprint of the relationship between managers, owners, employees and the LLC itself to be set in place. Having such an agreement in place will help maintain clarity and transparency within your LLC; aspects that are often essential to a business’ health and longevity. If you click on the heading of this paragraph, you will find a free template agreement that is downloadable in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formatting.

Renewal– It is imperative that every Colorado business entity renew each year to maintain the status of good standing by submitting a periodic report to the Secretary of State. The process can be accomplished using the government filing portal and completed in a matter of minutes. Click on the heading of this paragraph to access the record identification or ID search function which can be used to access the report forms.  All business will need to pay the $10 filing fee when submitting their periodic report as well. This fee may increase to $50 if the filing is late.