Welcome to the LLC registration main page for the state of Colorado. A limited liability company can be registered in this state by filing the appropriate filing forms with the Colorado Secretary of State. Similar to all of the other business forms with the state of Colorado, these documents can only be completed online and require a filing fee of $50 for domestic businesses and $100 for foreign. It is absolutely essential that all filing forms be completed and submitted in accordance with Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 7-90-301. With the simplified online forms, there will be no worry about printing and mailing all of the required documents, and most applicants will probably find the process much more simple than expected.

How to File

Step 1- The first step we usually recommend is a Business Entity Search, however, this name availability inquiry has been incorporated into the foreign entity registration process. If you are forming a new LLC, employing this function would be a wise decision to ensure that your operating name is available in Colorado. If you need additional time with which to prepare for registration, you may want to look into a Name Reservation as well.

Step 2- To start the actual filing process, you will be required to access to online filing portal and begin submitting the requisite information into the various fields. Select the link below associated with your LLC type to learn more about the registration process.

Step 3- With the forms complete, you must pay the associated filing fee ($50 domestic, $100 foreign).  You can either pay by an online account with the website or by credit card. Once the filing fee has been paid and the form submitted, you can expect a processing period of 5-15 days.


EIN – You can obtain an EIN by completing a PDF Document (Form SS-4) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or by completing the application for one on the IRS website. Every LLC operating with the use of employees needs an EIN as it allows businesses to pay withheld taxes on said employees, as well as open bank accounts, apply for credit cards and otherwise operate independently as a business entity. Click on the heading of this paragraph to access our tutorial detailing the application process.

Operating Agreement – Operating agreements are not a mandatory aspect of forming an LLC in Colorado, however they are massively important. By creating an operating agreement you are creating a guideline for how to LLC is to operate; essentially a blueprint of the organization of the business’s internal affairs. Creating such an agreement has been known to eliminate discrepancies between employees and owners before they arise. Click on the heading of this paragraph to access the free template we have provided in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formatting.

Renewal– It is the duty of all business entities to maintain the status of good standing by submitting a periodic report to the Secretary of State. This process of renewal can be accomplished online in a matter of seconds by accessing the record identification or ID search function (found linked in the heading of this paragraph). The information demanded by the state officials is extremely minimal in Colorado, just the registered agent info, the principle office address and a couple of other pieces of basic info. All filers will need to submit a $10 filing fee with their periodic report though this price is subject to an increase if the renewal is late.

How to (Video)