This Start a Business tutorial will be most helpful for those looking to expand their corporation into Colorado from another jurisdiction. All foreign corporations that wish to obtain the authority to operate within this state must complete a Statement of Foreign Entity Authority Form and ensure that their corporation and application adhere to the Colorado Revised Statute 7-90-803. The application for authority can only be completed online and requires the applicant to pay a $100 filing fee at the time of the submission of the application. Once this application has been submitted and the filing fee has been paid for, applicants can expect to wait anywhere between 5 to 15 business days for the application to be processed.

We usually suggest that filers perform a business entity search prior to registration to ensure that the name they plan on operating under is indeed available in the state in which they are applying. Fortunately, a search of this variety has already been incorporated into the online application process. However, a Name Reservation may still prove useful as it will grant you 120 additional days with which to prepare for filing without having to concern yourself with another entity taking your name in the meantime.

How to File

The below tutorial will apply to both profit and nonprofit entities.

Step 1 – Start off by navigating to this webpage and select the Foreign entity link to continue.

Colorado - Form Landing Page

Step 2 – Conduct the True Name Availability Search by submitting your entity name into the provided field and clicking Search. If the designation is indeed available, you will be able to proceed to the next step.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 1

Step 3 – Select whether or not you’d like to use an assumed name instead of the true name. Select Continue when you’ve made your decision.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 2

Step 4 – You will now have access to the Statement of Foreign Entity Authority form. The very first information it will demand is the entity type and the jurisdiction under which it was formed.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 3

Step 5- Enter your principal office address here. If the mailing address is different, you will be required to supply it as well.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 4

Step 6- The registered agent info will be demanded next including their full name and address. You will also need to check the box indicating that they have consented to being appointed as your RA.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 5

Step 7- Here you will need to supply the expected date of operations in Colorado, designate whether there is additional information to be attached and indicate if you wish for a delayed filing date. You will also need to select Yes or No in regards to receiving email notifications.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 6

Step 8- Enter the name and address of the applicant (most likely you), read the disclaimer and click Submit to proceed to the next step.

Colorado - Corporation - Foreign 7

Step 9 – You will now be directed to a PDF of your filing form which can be reviewed for accuracy. If all seems complete and correct, proceed to the payment page where you will need to electronically submit payment for the $100 filing fee. Once this has been completed you can anticipate a processing time of 5 to 15 business days for your application.


Renewal – All corporations are required to renew each year with the Colorado Secretary of State through the submission of a periodic report. All you have to do is submit this document online during the first three months of each new year to ensure that your entity will maintain good standing with the state authorities. The renewal process can be executed in a matter of minutes from the online portal and can be commenced by accessing the record identification or ID search function linked in the heading of this paragraph.