This webpage will serve exclusively as a general guide of the filing process for corporations in Colorado. In order to start a corporation in this state you must simply complete the online filing forms provided by the Colorado Secretary of State and adhere to the Colorado Revised Statute 7-102-101. These forms are quite straightforward, and the process is simplified even further by the fact that they can only be completed through their streamlined portal. In fact, there are currently no PDF forms for application through the mail, an option provided by the majority of state governments. As with all entity types in this state, domestic corporations will be required to pay the filing fee of $50 while foreign corps can expect to pay $100. The expected processing time for the applications once submitted with the filing fee is anywhere from 5 to 15 business days.

How to File

Step 1 – Once you’ve chosen a name with which to operate, you would be wise to ensure that it is indeed original to your entity. A Business Database Search will provide you with the availability of your chosen operating name should you feel you need to double check it’s uniqueness. With your name chosen, you can opt to reserve it for a period of 120 days by performing an online Name Reservation.

Step 3 – You must now complete the correct forms associated with whichever corporation type you wish to form. Take note that none of these forms are available in PDF form and they must all be completed online through the Colorado Secretary of State website. Similarly, all payments for filing fees must be paid electronically at the time of submitting the application forms.

Step 4 – Once all of the forms have been completed, and you’ve paid the filing fee by credit card ($50 domestic, $100 foreign), you will be able to submit them to the Secretary of State. It will typically take anywhere from 5 to 15 business days to process. You will be contacted through the contact information you provide in your application.


EIN – An Employer Identification Number is issued by the IRS to keep track of each entity or individual operating in the United States paying withheld taxes on their employees. This number can be obtained by completing the PDF Document Form SS-4  and submitting it to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). Alternatively, you can obtain an EIN by visiting the IRS Website and completing the form there. An EIN allows corporations to operate independently as an entity, hiring employees, opening bank accounts and requesting large business loans. Review our tutorial linked in the heading of this paragraph for more information.

Corporate Bylaw – In adherence to CRS 7-102-101, adopting a corporate bylaw is a mandatory aspect of forming a corporation in Colorado. A corporate bylaw allows for rules and regulations to be set forth which dictate the relationship between the employees, managers, and owners of a corporation. The document, once completed, needn’t be filed with the Secretary of State but should instead be kept on file at the principle office address to be referenced when necessary. Linked in the heading of this paragraph is a free template for a such a document, available in Microsoft Word format and Adobe PDF.

Renewal – In order to renew in Colorado you must submit a periodic report within the first three months of each new calendar year. This periodic report functions as a renewal form that ensures your corporation maintains good standing with the Secretary of State. This periodic report can be submitted through the business entity search function found on the Colorado government website (link found at the heading of this paragraph). All reports will cost $10 unless filed after the due date in which case they will cost $50.

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