The office of the Secretary of State of California will issue a Certificate of Status to any entity desiring a document certifying its status (good standing, suspended, cancelled etc.) in the eyes of the law. The certificate costs $5, plus an additional $10 if the request form is submitted in person. California does not have an online document request feature so in order to attain a Certificate of Status for an entity one must download the Business Entities Records PDF form (available here), complete the form and submit it along with all due fees to the office of the Secretary of State.

How to Request

Step 1- To begin, download the PDF request form here.

Step 2- Review the various disclosures and instructions located at the beginning of the form to ensure that you understand the rules and fees associated with your particular document request.


As you can see a Certificate of Status will cost $5. Individuals wanting a more informative report may order a Status Report for an additional $4 (note: this is only available for corporations, LLCs, and LPs).

Step 3- Enter the following information into the request form:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Date
  • Your phone #
  • Attn:
  • Return method (if submitted in person)
  • Entity name
  • CA Secretary of State entity # (optional)
  • Order request (certificate of status: plain or certified)
  • Quantity of selected documents


Step 4- Once completed, submit the document to the Secretary of State’s office by mail ($5 filing fee) or in person ($5 filing fee + $10 special handling fee) to the below address corresponding to your delivery choice.

  • Via Mail: Secretary of State, Certification and Records, P.O. Box 944260, Sacramento, CA 94244-2600
  • In Person: Secretary of State, 1500 11th Street, 3rd Floor, Room 345, Sacramento, CA 95814

How to (Video)