In accordance with ARS 10-120 to ARS 10-11909 all corporations formed within the state of Arizona must file their applications for incorporation by submitting them through the mail to the Arizona Corporation Commission. Filers will need to download their applications in PDF format, complete them and attach a filing fee before submission. Profit entities will be expected to pay $60 while non-profit entities need only pay $40.

You must first make sure that the name you have selected for your corporation is not already in use and is qualified for you to make use of. In order to check and ensure your name is fit for use, Search the Business Database. It is also possible to reserve a name for 120 days by filing a Name Reservation application ($10).

How to File

Step 1- Start by downloading the PDF files associated with your business type. Below we have provided applications for both profit and non-profit corporations.

Step 2- After downloading the application forms, they will need to be completed. Using Form C010 as an example, complete the forms as follows:


  • Line 1 : What type of application this is
  • Line 2: Name of the entity
  • Line 3: Calculate your filing fees
  • Line 4: Select your payment method
  • Line 5: Select your return delivery option

Arizona - Profit Corporation - COVERSHEET


  • Line 1: Entity type
  • Line 2: Name of the entity
  • Line 3: Describe the professional service if previously indicated
  • Line 4: Describe the character of the business
  • Line 5: List the class and total number of shares of each class that the corporation is authorized to issue
  • Line 6: Define the known place of business address
  • Line 7: List the name and business address of every director of the corporation
  • Line 8: To be completed by the statutory agent
  • Line 9: Certificate of Disclosure (more on this below)
  • Line 10: List the name and address and get the signature of every incorporator

Arizona - Profit Corporation - ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION 1Arizona - Profit Corporation - ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION 2Arizona - Profit Corporation - ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION 3


  • Line 1: Give the exact name of the corporation in Arizona
  • Line 2: Give the exact name of the statutory agent
  • Line 3: Statutory agent signature
  • Boxes: Select the appropriate identity of the entity

Arizona - Profit Corporation - STATUTORY AGENT ACCEPTANCE


  • Line 1: Give the exact name of the corporation
  • Line 2: A.C.C. file name if already incorporated
  • Line 3: Select the type of certificate desired
  • Line 4: Answer yes or no questions about felonies/judgements
  • Line 5: Answer yes or no questions concerning bankruptcies
  • Signature: Give signature in the appropriate fields

Arizona - Profit Corporation - CERTIFICATE OF DISCLOSURE 1Arizona - Profit Corporation - CERTIFICATE OF DISCLOSURE 2

Step 3- Ensure that all of the documents have been filled-in correctly before attaching a check or money order made out to the Arizona Corporation Commission to cover the filing fee ($60 profit, $40 non-profit). Place all items in an envelope and send it by mail to the address below.

Arizona Corporation Commission

 1300 W. Washington St

 Phoenix, AZ 85007


EIN– The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides you with an EIN if you apply on the IRS Website or if you complete Form SS-4. An EIN allows corporations to pay employees, apply for credit cards and open bank accounts. Without an EIN you may not be able to function adequately as a corporation. To learn more about its use and how you can apply, click on the link at the heading of this paragraph.

Corporate Bylaws– In accordance with ARS 10-206 a bylaw is something that every corporation that is in operation in Arizona needs to have. Adopting a corporate bylaw essentially offers a guideline for the rules of the entity and dictates the dates of monthly meetings on an annual basis. To review our free template click on the link at the heading of this paragraph (available for download in MS Word and PDF).

Renewal– To renew, corporations operating within Arizona must submit an annual report to the Arizona Corporation Commission. This process will notify the state with any changes to the corporation that may have occurred in the previous year. Filing is simple and the entire process can be completed online. Follow the link at the heading of this paragraph to access the online filing portal. Filers will be required to pay $45 when representing a profit corporation and $10 if filing as a non-profit corporation.