Under a.c.a. 4-33-1501, a foreign Corporations wishing to do business within the State of Arkansas must first apply for a Certificate of Authority (Form NPF-1) with the Secretary of State. The application process can be executed online (filing fee of $270) and in paper form (filing fee of $300) by downloading a PDF copy of the form.

It should be recognized that the State requires Non Profit organizations to file an annual report to the Office of the Secretary of State every 1st of August. Also all foreign entities must supply one of the following options:

a) A Certificate of Existence signed by the Secretary of State (or similar authority) of the state or country in which the entity was filed

b) A Certified Copy of Amendment filed within the state of incorporation

How to Apply (Online)

Step 1- It is necessary that each business entity in the State of Arkansas be registered under a unique name in conformity with § 4-33-401. To ensure that the name of your Corporation is not already in use, a Business Entity Search can be performed on the Secretary of State website. If the name has already been registered, a fictitious name must be agreed upon, and used instead

Step 2- Follow This Link to be provided with the application and begin by filling it in as follows:

  • 1a) Corporation Name
  • 1b) Fictitious Name
  • 2-Original State where company was Incorporated
  • 3- The Date of Incorporation
  • 4- Period of Duration
  • 5- Address of it’s Principal Office
  • 6- Registered Agents Name and Address
  • 7-Name and Business Address’s of Board of Directors and Officers
  • 8-Does the Corporation have members (y/n)
  • 9-Select the type of Corporation it would have been had it been incorporated in State
  • Signature of Presiding Director or Officer
  • The date on which the form is to be filed, leave field blank if to be done immediately

End the application by checking the box which signifies that you are aware that signing a document containing false information with the intent to file is considered a Class C misdemeanor in the State of Arkansas.




Step 3- A filing fee of $270 must be paid after you’ve submitted the form. This can be either paid for through a credit card or it can be billed through a pre-existing INA account.

 arkansas-foreign-npc-online-5How to Apply (Form NPF-1)

Step 1 In the State of Arkansas, under code  § 4-33-401, each business entity must be registered with the Secretary of State using a name specific to that corporation. To research the availability of the name in question, a Business Entity Search can be used in the Business and Commercial Services section of the Secretary of State website. Those whose name has already been used can apply for the Certificate of Authorization using a fictitious name.

Step 2- Once the name has been established as unique, you may proceed to download the PDF version of the NPF-1 and providing information about the corporation as follows:

  • Line 1a)-Provide the name of the Corporation
  • Line 1b)- If the Corporation is operating under a fictitious name in Arkansas state here
  • Line 2-The State, Country or Territory in which the entity was Incorporated
  • Line 3- The date it was incorporated
  • Line 4- The period of Duration in which the Corporation has been in effect
  • Line 5-The Address of the Principle Office
  • Line 6- The identity and Address of the Registered Agent
  • Line 7- The Number of Shares and their Par Value
  • Line 9/10- Provide the current date for both lines

Finish this page by entering the name of the Corporation and signing as an authorized officer.


Step 3- Each Corporation seeking to do business in the State must also file a Corporate Franchise Tax form annually. In order to receive this form, this information will need to be given:

  • Corporate Name
  • Contact Person
  • Street Address
  • City,State, ZIP
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Authorized Officer name printed/typed
  • Authorized Officer’s Signature


Step 4- Both forms must be placed in an envelope with an attached check made out to the Secretary of State which covers the filing fee of $300. This envelope can then be addressed to:

Arkansas Secretary of State, State Capitol, 500 Woodlane Street, Suite 256, Little Rock, AR 72201


Corporate Bylaws– A Corporate Bylaws will outline the business structure of a corporation, detailing all managing members and the rules under which they will be required to operate. It is not necessary to file this form with the Secretary of State, however, each officer, shareholder, director or agent should agree to the contents of the Bylaw, sign it, and be given a form for their personal filing.