Applicants may register a foreign limited liability company (LLC) in Alabama, under Section 10A-1-7.04, through the completion and submission of the PDF application. Included with the application must be a check or money order payable to the Secretary of State in the amount of $150. For an additional $100, your filing may be expedited and processed within three (3) business days.

We always recommend that filers perform a Business Entity Search prior to registration to check the availability of their desired operating name. Filers will then be required to reserve their business name with the Secretary of State before submitting their registration applications ($28).

How to File

Step 1- Filers will be required to reserve their business name before beginning the registration process. Once the name has been reserved, you will receive a PDF certificate that must be included with your filing package before being sent to the Secretary of State.

Step 2- Start the actual filing process by downloading the PDF Application also known as the Application for Registration.

Step 3- The information required on this document is as follows:

Page 1

  • 1-The legal name of the entity as recorded in the jurisdiction where it was formed
  • 2-Name of the entity for use in Alabama ONLY if different from legal name
  • 5-Principal office street address


Page 2

  • 6-Jurisdiction of formation
  • 7-Date of entity’s formation or jurisdiction of origination
  • 9-Name of registered agent
  • 10-Street address of initial registered office (must be located in Alabama)
  • 11-Date business will begin in Alabama
  • Date, printed name, business title and signature


Step 4- You will now be required to provide payment for the filing fee ($150). Accepted forms of payment include check or money order made out to the Secretary of State, or if paying by credit card, complete the last page found in the Application for Registration and include it with your filings. If you would like to expedite your filing it can be done for an extra $100. Lastly, attach your certificate for name reservation and send all filings by mail to the address below.

Secretary of State

Business Services – P.O. Box 5616

 Montgomery, AL, 36103