A Certificate of Good Standing is a letter/form from the Alabama Department of State acknowledging that an entity is updated and valid. What the certificate signifies is that your entity does not have any delinquent accounts or outstanding debts. A Certificate of Good Standing is often referred to as a certificate of compliance and is available to all for-profit entities that are operational in Alabama. The certificate costs $10 and you can only complete the application for it online. You can choose to have your completed certificate sent to you online or by mail.

How to File

Step 1- Go to this webpage and click on the link at the top of the page. You must click the Request a Single Certificate of Compliance to proceed. If you have already completed an application and wish to check the status of your application you may click the second link available on the page.

Alabama - Certificate of Compliance 1

Step 2- On the following page you will be required to complete the form to its entirety before clicking the Continue button to proceed. The information that you are required to enter is as follows:

  • Business Information
    • Business name
    • Business Employer Identification Number
    • Business address
    • Business city
    • Business state/province
    • Business zip code

Alabama - Certificate of Compliance 2

  • Business Information (continued)
    • State/province of incorporation
    • Date of incorporation
    • County of incorporation
    • Secretary of State entity ID
    • Daytime telephone number
    • Business email address
    • Verify business email address
    • Reason for request

Alabama - Certificate of Compliance 3

  • Requestor Information
    • Requestor name
    • Requestor address
    • Requestor city
    • Requestor state/province
    • Requestor zip code
    • Daytime telephone number
    • Requestor email address
    • Verify requestor email address

Alabama - Certificate of Compliance 4

  • To Be Completed By Non-Profit Companies Only
    • Tick box if entity is not required to file a Business Privilege Tax Return
    • Tick box if entity is not required to file an income Tax Return and files a Form 990 for Federal purposes
  • Disregarded Entity
    • Yes/No is this a Disregarded Entity
    • If yes, enter the following:
      • Owner name
      • Owner/Employer Identification Number

Alabama - Certificate of Compliance 5

Step 3- Review all of the information you have entered to ensure that you have not made any mistakes while entering your information. Once you are certain that the form you have completed is free of errors, you may click the Continue button to proceed.

Step 4- On the following page you will be required to pay the filing fee for this form. The filing fee is $10 and you will be required to pay this fee electronically. The simplest method of accomplishing this task is to use a credit card. Once the filing fee has been paid you will have completed the application process for a Certificate of Compliance.

Retrieve/Check the Status of Your Request

Step 1- If you would like to retrieve or check the status of your request you may do so by using the same webpage that you used to begin the application process. Go to this webpage and click the second link on the landing page titled Retrieve or Check the Status of My Request.

Alabama - Certificate of Compliance 1

Step 2- On the following page you will be required to enter your “Request Code” which will be found at the top of your receipt that you received when you completed the application process. Enter this code and click the Search button to proceed.

Alabama - Certificate of Compliance - Retrieval 1

Step 3- On the following page you will have the option of how you wish for the Certificate of Compliance to be sent to you: either by mail or by email. So long as your application has been approved you will be able to make your selection and have your Certificate of Compliance in hand in no time.  If your application is still being processed you will be informed upon completion of the search.

How to (Video)